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Tech Tour is delighted to announce the selected companies & award winner of the Tech Tour InnORBIT Space Track 2022.   


The Tech Tour InnORBIT Space Track brings investment-ready space tech companies from South East and Central Eastern Europe with mentors, business partners, customers and European investors. The goal is to boost their investment readiness and build relationships. 

InnORBIT, a European Union Horizon 2020 initiative, empowers innovation intermediaries with practical and easily replicable solutions to set up and run sustainable local companies. These initiatives aim to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups and the development and rollout of their space-enabled solutions, be it in space or not, in ecosystems with great potential for contributing to the commercialization of space. 


This article presents the Top 10 South East and Central East European Space tech companies seeking seed or series A investment. 

The winner was selected by investors considering the management experience, the merit of the product or technology used, the market potential, the competitive position, the quality of presentation and the credibility of the business model.  


The leading company will be invited to the Untold Stories Conference in Budapest on 29-30 November and to the Digital Future’23 international investment event, where the winning companies of the different digital programs organized by Tech Tour will be present. 



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InnORBIT Space Track Selected Companies:  


3IPK is a B2B blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS) platform providing digital solutions automating certification, supply chain, maintenance, and program management processes for the industry. 


sincroll drive technologies are developing a novel gear technology for all the machinery industries where they use balls rolling without friction as coupling elements to reduce energy costs and CO2 emission. 


MAP.ING focuses on geospatial services in GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. 


Cellgrid is a spatial search engine allowing businesses to perform efficient site selection. 


EMTECH Space creates products and services towards a green and smart electricity grid. 


Circuits Integrated is a new and dynamic technology company developing innovative solutions and products for Satcom, 5G & IoT industry.


Precision Navigation Systems creates hardware and software solutions that help companies and governments build sustainable ground-based GNSS infrastructure. 


SPACE-ASICS is developing state-of-the-art, rad-hard, mixed-signal ASICs and Systems on a Chip (SOC) for Space Applications. 


Loctio is a technology provider furnishing low power, accurate, ubiquitous, and secure both outdoor & indoor positioning capabilities to IoT devices. 


Company Winner:  

FaradaIC Sensors is a gas sensor technology company providing new solutions to chip makers. Their technology seamlessly integrates into the microchip fabrication process, thus bringing gas sensing function to silicon ICs. Their mission is to commoditize gas sensors and enable versatile gas sensing for the growing market of IoT applications. 


If you are an Innovation Intermediary aiming to work with space tech initiative, apply to our 2nd Pilot open call here.  


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