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Crème de la crème companies in sustainability – part 1 


Over 2300 companies applied for all our programmes. Out of them, 532 pitched their ideas to active investors and experts in green tech, foodtech, agritech, hydrogen, bioeoconomy. As the year wraps up, we are proud to announce the winners from all sustainability programmes - all 101 award winners.  

To make it easier to find what you are looking for we grouped the companies by subsector, and you can see them listed below.  

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All the information about the sustainability winners is split into 2 articles – here is a link to part 2. 





Energy & Buildings 

FoodTech & Agritech 

Hydrogen Fueling, Production & Mobility 

Industry Offtake 



Scalable Value Chain 




Vulkam represents the only alternative to traditional metals and they are 5 times more efficient both technically and ecologically. They are a revolution equivalent to the invention of plastic in the 20th century.  

TEGmat uses environmentally friendly materials for thermal energy harvesting. Its product is a flexible thermoelectric generation module, that converts temperature flow into electricity. 

Healthycrop develops crops that are naturally resistant to fungal infections thereby enabling fungicide-free agriculture.  

SteerLight is launching a new generation of LiDARs that are key optical sensors to provide automated and autonomous robots, machines and vehicles with unrivalled accurate and reliable 3D perception. 

Hummink has developed a unique nanoprinting method - fast, precise, versatile and cheap. 

Each year, rats destroy approximately 20% of all agricultural products in the world. TriptoBIO developed contraceptive rodent pest management as an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free alternative.  



MIRET is developing environmentally advanced footwear designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.  



Vienna Textile Lab is a biotech/fashion tech company that focuses on the research, development, and production of textile dyes derived from microorganisms.  


Energy & Buildings 

WattAnyWhere provides charging point operators with a Bioenergy-On-Demand fuel cell system that avoids current grid capacity shortfall.  


FoodTech & Agritech 

Novihum Technologies is a manufacturer of novel soil enhancers that contribute to sustainable development. 

Sundew is combating aquatic pests, diseases and invasive species based on two technology platforms, both fermentation-based. 

Dryk is a developer and seller of premium third-generation plant-based drinks. 

Amai Proteins ('Amai' is 'sweet' in Japanese) is transforming the food and beverage industry by presenting healthy and tasty protein ingredients for everyday use.    
Nordic Umami Company solves food system problems by accelerating plant-based eating by producing umami seasoning solutions that make plant foods delicious and helping raw material partners in their green shift. 

AlgaEnergy is specialized in the field of microalgae biotechnology. The company’s mission is to develop and commercialize novel and competitive products derived from microalgae -nutritional, cosmetic and agricultural products, among others. 

eniferBio is a Finnish biotech start-up developing a unique mycoprotein primarily as feed for aquaculture, in the future as food. Our PEKILO® P65 high-protein ingredient is made using renewable raw materials, close to end users. It offers a sustainable alternative to soy protein concentrate, the environmentally damaging current industry standard. And the best part – it costs no more to produce. 


Hydrogen Fueling, Production & Mobility 

SoHHytec provides systems and solutions for distributed production of solar fuel and power which is cleaner, greener and cost-effective.  

BOSON ENERGY develops technology for producing responsible hydrogen and green molecules.  

Quantron offers an overall concept for zero-emission mobility. This includes the creation of individual concepts including the appropriate charging infrastructure, rental, financing and leasing offers. 

Noble Gas Systems is a leading technology developer and manufacturer in the emerging conformable storage market.  

Ways2H is transforming the world's worst waste into on-demand clean fuel and electricity.  

ARTHUR develops products to accelerate the global transition to a zero-emission future. The ARTHUR BUS is the most advanced hydrogen bus on the market in efficiency and consumption. 

Hycamite TCD Technologies produces clean hydrogen (H₂) and solid pure carbon (C) by splitting methane (CH₄), the main component of natural gas and biogas.  

Battolyser Systems develops and manufactures an integrated battery and electrolyser called 'Battolyser' that can store electricity and produce hydrogen from renewable power to balance societal demand. 

Raven is a clean fuels company that transforms waste – municipal solid waste, organic waste, medical waste, and methane – into high-quality, clean hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels through our uniquely patented Steam/CO2 Reforming technology.  

H2Pro’s E-TAC is an innovative water-splitting technology that can produce hydrogen at significantly 
higher efficiency and lower cost than electrolysis.  

SKYRE builds and sells two products: H2RENEW captures and recycles hydrogen and CO2RENEW converts CO2 into useful fuels and chemicals. Both deliver up to a 50% cost advantage and a  
50% reduction in emission of greenhouse gases over competitive methods and products. 

Naco Technologies is empowering hydrogen systems through nanocoatings to prevent corrosion at 30% less cost compared to traditional approaches. 

ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on hydrogen-electric aviation solutions to address a variety of markets, initially targeting a 500-mile range in 10-20 seat aircraft used for commercial passenger transport, cargo, agriculture, and more.  

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is more than ever convinced that hydrogen will contribute significantly to the successful establishment of a renewable and emission-free future energy system.  

Plagazi AB is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen at a large scale, by converting non-recyclable waste.  


Industry Offtake 

Hycamite TCD Technologies produces clean hydrogen (H₂) and solid pure carbon (C) by splitting methane (CH₄), the main component of natural gas and biogas.  

Jolt is commercializing a high-volume industrial process to manufacture electrodes for use in H2 electrolysers.  

Leading composite pipe technology company Strohm has the world’s largest track record for Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) after being the first to bring the technology to the conventional Oil & Gas industry in 2007.  

PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ, an Estonia-based start-up, produces the best-in-class hydrogen fuel cell-based electric generators and proton exchange membrane fuel cells.  

Viridi is an international renewable energy developer accomplishing the complete range of technical and financial processes based on strong financing knowledge and EPC background in Europe and Latin America 

EH Group is focused on the design and production of its innovative fuel cell technology.  

Nedstack is a leading player in the PEM fuel cell industry with a strategic focus and unique track record in the high power and mission-critical domain.  

Celcibus fuel cell catalyst enables fuel cell manufacturers to produce fuel cell stacks more sustainably and at a lower cost.  

NEMESYS research and develop technologies to decarbonize the economy and it proposes to eliminate current market barriers too hard to abate sectors’ widespread adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles. 

AgroSustain develops highly effective, biological, and natural fungicides and coatings to protect fruits, vegetables and cut flowers in the supply chain. 

Novihum Technologies is a manufacturer of novel soil enhancers that contribute to sustainable development. 

Niskus Biotec is the go to partner for the development of locally produced innovative fermented ingredients. 

Ampido is a marketplace for non-public parking spaces. It reduces search traffic by making underused parking spaces in offices, hotels, supermarkets, and residential real estate accessible for short-term parking.  

NANOFABER is an innovative SME focusing on innovative microparticles for drug delivery. 

BIORoxx develops environmentally friendly rodenticides. 

traceless is a female-founded circular bioeconomy start-up offering a holistically sustainable alternative material to plastic!  

Pipelink is the asset owner and asset manager of approximately 750 km of high-pressure pipelines serving the chemical industry. 

FarmInsect is on its mission to build the most extensive decentralized production system for Insects as regional feed.  

Spherity is building decentralized identity management solutions to boost compliance, bringing secure identities to people, machines, algorithms, and other non-human entities.  

Bluetector enables waste collection companies to easily clean their dirty wastewater with a containerized treatment system that they rent from us.  

Coac co-creates and scales data-driven innovation for organizations.  

Pherosyn is a ‘one-stop shop’ for custom development and volume supply of difficult-to-obtain insect pheromones and we are always looking to expand our product portfolio towards commercially driven targets. 
ACCURE is a cloud platform offering a scalable plug & play solution that enables companies for the first time to track the entire battery lifecycle in detail, using physical models to gain deep insights into its current condition.  

Sophie's BioNutrients are developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.  

SenseUP develops microbial production strains and processes by natural evolution. Using their patented technology, they analyze millions of strains in minutes enabling iterative identification and enrichment of the more productive variants.  

Plastic Fischer is a Germany-based social enterprise that develops cost-efficient technologies to collect plastic waste from rivers before it can enter the oceans.  

Installion is Germany's leading digital matching & project management platform for clean tech projects like photovoltaic installations, storage units or e-mobility charging stations.  

Eekual creates perfectly fitting sneakers made exactly for you from the comfort of your home.  

Glasbote is developing a package-free online shop for groceries to help mainstream consumers, who don’t have the money and time to buy their groceries in the unpacked shop to save plastic and packaging with same-day delivery and low prices compared to traditional unpacked stores. 

Planted offers a B2B SaaS solution so that service-based companies can not only become climate neutral with their employees together but also actively reduce the carbon footprint over time. 
Viritech is a fast-growing Cleantech engineering company with a vision of developing sustainable transportation to eliminate the c.25% of global CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuels in transportation.  

Relement converts biomass residues into high-quality chemical ingredients - bio aromatics.  

Ionkraft has developed a barrier coating system on mono-material plastics, which can provide the same functional properties as the multi-material approach in terms of barrier and chemical resistance, but it is less expensive and most importantly fully recyclable. 

Fainin tackles the burning need of lacking trust within the sharing economy.  



b.fab is driving the biological transformation of production industries by converting CO2 and renewable energy into bioproducts. is a platform solution for the construction industry. Based on a mobile app and web application, construction projects are digitally documented and enable real-time construction site monitoring. 

FibreCoat develops and markets high-performance fibre materials. 

SUMTEQ is the first company in the world to develop polymer nanofoams with pores in the micron and submicron range for production on an industrial scale.  

BIOWEG provides biodegradable solutions, and sustainable microbeads & rheology modifiers to replace plastic microbeads and polymers. 

GS Bavaria is the first supplier of nano-size hard metal powders on an industrial scale - worldwide  
Recycling: Production is extremely cost-effective, sustainable and with minimal energy consumption through our revolutionary bioleaching extraction process. 

Solenco Power is committed to the decarbonization of the energy sector. 

Bright Day Graphene offers a novel, biobased material that can replace rare earth metals and toxic materials in the next generation of electronics and energy storage. 



Naco Technologies empowers hydrogen systems through nanocoatings to prevent corrosion at 30% less cost compared to traditional approaches. 

KEYOU is developing hardware components and software to convert conventional combustion engines into zero-emission hydrogen combustion engines.  

SunGreenH2 is an award-winning company building the world’s highest-performance electrolysis technology that doubles H2 production to lower the cost of green hydrogen for deep decarbonization in industry, mobility, and energy storage.  

DIGAS improves the way goods are shipped around the world by making cost-effective, reliable, and safe hydrogen and methane retrofit systems for high horsepower and heavy-duty applications with a strong focus on railway applications.  

North-C-Hydrogen consists of a 67,5 MW electrolyser that will split water into green hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable energy.  

ENGIE x HYNetherlands helps to create a carbon-free ecosystem thanks to green hydrogen. 

IBERDROLA is focused on the reduction of GHG emissions through the deployment of a green hydrogen production facility to supply green hydrogen. 


Scalable Value Chain 

P2X is a producer and distributor of green hydrogen and e-fuels, such as e-methane, e-methanol and e-ammonia. 

Gen2energy is developing hydrogen production based on renewable energy. 

VSPARTICLE is introducing a brand-new catalyst manufacturing process. Its technology eliminates 6 of the 7 production steps currently needed, lowering costs and increasing performance.  

SunGreenH2 is building the world’s highest-performance electrolysis technology that doubles H2 production to lower the cost of green hydrogen for deep decarbonization in industry, mobility, and energy storage.  

Protium Green Solutions is a full-value chain green hydrogen energy solutions provider. They develop, own, and operate renewables and green hydrogen infrastructure, to deliver dedicated zero-emission energy services to customers.  



Talpa Solutions' platform service offers communication, big data analysis and collaboration for fast and actionable insights.  

Hexigone Inhibitors brings to market 'chemically intelligent' corrosion inhibitors which are a safer, smarter, and more sustainable alternative to existing chrome-free pigments on the market.  

UP Catalyst is a clean technology startup, which focuses on turning CO2 into valuable carbon nanomaterials and graphite.  

Orcan Energy  taps into the enormous potential of waste heat, enabling customers to produce cheap, clean electricity.  

Lambda Energy is developing spectral conversion nanoparticles in partnership and it is expected to boost crop yields by up to 20%.  

ROSI - Return of Silicon, offers disruptive solutions to recycle and revalorize the high-value raw materials lost along the PV value chain.  

Minespider is the premiere responsible supply chain technology company.  

Bind-X's vision is to improve innovation, profitability, and sustainability of the mining industry through the application of biotechnology. 


All the information about the sustainability winners is split into 2 articles – here is a link to part 2.