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ShapingBio aims to provide evidence-based and concrete information and recommendations for better policy alignment and stakeholder actions. It is to address the cross-sectoral potential of the bioeconomy and to reduce the fragmentation across bio-based sectors and food systems and policies across regions, domains and governance levels. The Shaping Bio actions contribute significantly to the bioeconomy strategy and Action Plan, the farm-to-fork strategy, the EU Green Deal policy priorities and the EU's Climate ambition for 2030 and 2050.  


For that purpose, ShapingBio aims to create a better understanding and information basis of the bioeconomy innovation eco-system by providing a comprehensive mapping and analysis of initiatives, structures, policy instruments and key gaps related to the topics of policy and governance, applied R&D and technology transfer, (cross-sectoral) collaboration and financing across the EU macro-regions and different sectors. Multi-actor groups will be set up to support policy advice design, but also to propose new forms of matchmaking, networking and knowledge transfer.