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Founded in 2013 by consumer electronics expert, Luc Piérart, PKvitality is an innovative French scaleup specialized in bio-wearable devices. Since then, PKvitality has grown to a team of 40, combining a strong background of biomedical, electronical, technological, and business expertise.



PKvitality is developing K’Watch Glucose, a revolutionary Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system in the form of a smartwatch, accompanied by a consumable patch with microneedles. Using the same technology, PKvitality is also working on K’Watch Athlete, a smartwatch which will provide real-time monitoring of their lactic acid – an indicator of muscle fatigue – to significantly improve an athletes’ training and performance. PKvitality seeks to revolutionize medtech with our innovative bio-wearable products that allow the challenges of managing one’s health, well-being, and sports activities easier.

Our vision is to combine the convenience and enjoyment of consumer electronic products with the precision of medical devices. The clinical studies have begun at AMCR Institute, a worldwide renowned clinical research center. K’Watch Glucose will solve the main CGM issues by providing a painless, gentle, discreet, affordable, and strong adhesive solution. PKvitality is funded by Bpifrance and EIC accelerator, accelerated by Dassault Systèmes, and Future4care, and winner of multiple awards, including Best of CES, EIT health Catapult, and the Healthcare Innovation World Cup.