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Photonics is the technology which focuses on all technical applications of light and includes lasers, photovoltaics, lighting, screens and displays, sensors, optical fibres and optoelectronics. It is at the heart of the most advanced engineering systems such as cameras, cellphones, printers, barcode scanners, medical and industrial lasers, high-speed communications and computing, aviation, power generation, spectroscopy, holography, biophotonics, agriculture and robotics.


Tech Tour has been organizing Tech Tour Photonics since 2018, and we collected & analyzed the data from the photonics companies that took part through the years. We are proud to present the following: 


  • the total fundraising for the period 2018-2021 is EUR 269.4 Mln
  • the most active organisations that invested in the companies are the European Innovation Council, the Executive Agency for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, and the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency in Switzerland, followed by EUREKA.
  • the most active investment funds (Venture Capital & Corporate Venture Capital) that took part are FluxUnit - Osram, PMV & BOM. All members of the Tech Tour community. 


See the full research in the presentation below.