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Throughout the years, 95% of the companies presenting at Tech Tour events raised funding, with 11.7% of them having women in executive positions. This amounts to € 18.6 Billion raised between 2016-2022, with an average per company of € 7.3 Million.



By track

The Digital track is represented by 41% of the total companies, followed by Health with 34% and Sustainability with 25%. When it comes to funding, digital companies raised over € 6.2 Billion since their 1st Tech Tour presentation, and € 11.5 Billion historically. This is followed by health companies with € 4.4 Billion and € 7.1 Billion respectively, and sustainability companies with € 4.7 Billion and € 7 Billion respectively.


Over 1000 active investors took part in these investments. The most active investor types in terms of the number of rounds are funds, with 62% of the total rounds, governments/non-profits with 21% and corporates with 8%.


Between 2016-2022, the amount raised by Tech Tour presenters has been constantly increasing, with 2021 seeing an 85% increase.


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