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Over 2300 companies applied for all our programmes. Out of them, 256 pitched their ideas to active investors and experts in biotech, diagnostics, digital health, and wearable devices. As the year wraps up, we are proud to announce the winners from all health tech programmes - all 47 award winners.  

To make it easier to find what you are looking for we grouped the companies by subsector, and you can see them listed below.  

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And now, without further ado, we present the 2022 Tech Tour award-winners in health tech: 



Digital Health 

Mental Health 


Biomarker Discovery 

Wearable Devices & Algorithm 

Health Digital Models 




StemSight is developing one-time treatments to blindness using human pluripotent stem cells. 

Disperazol has developed a drug candidate preventing the formation of and dismantling already established biofilm infections.  

Epigenica develops a high-throughput and cost-efficient quantitative epigenome profiling tool for use in any epigenetic research area and application, to advance the capabilities within health and medicine.  

Olgram is a preclinical stage biotechnology company helping to tackle persisters and offer patients a solution for infectious relapses. 

Kairos Discovery is a biotech company project dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutic solutions, primarily in oncology. 



BrainCare provides a better quality of life for patients suffering from neurological diseases, disorders, and conditions, by creating and delivering novel, remote long-term monitoring solutions for their neurologists.  

Gabi SmartCare is a Digital Health startup, that empowers researchers, physicians and parents with data driven health assessment to disrupt pediatric healthcare & improve children’s lives.  

inHEART’s cloud-based AI solution leverages medical images and electrocardiograms to deliver a precise model of each patient’s heart, allowing physicians to individualize and optimize each patient’s treatment strategy and ablate with greater efficiency and efficacy. 

LightSpace solves vergence and accommodation conflict, the present issue among all currently available AR headsets. The accommodation allows using AR devices with no time limitation and no harm to the user's eyes. 

VEIL.AI is a deep tech company that solves one of the most wicked problems of digital health care - how to combine, use, re-use and share sensitive health data so that privacy is strictly obeyed but data quality and utility are preserved. 

Glue4Life is a next-generation bio-ink for 3D bioprinting living tissues and organs.  

SightIn Health is AI-SaaS enabling portable ultrasound to be used by non-trained users.  


Digital Health is an AI solution that is fully integrated in clinical workflows making matching patients to clinical trials effortless, thereby broadening the patient pool, bringing trials into the treatment decision process earlier, and accelerating recruitment. 

Amelia is a VR-based mental health solution delivered under the guidance of therapists, for both in-office and remote sessions.  

APRICITY is the next-generation fertility clinic. 

Bingli is the smartest medical interview on the planet - an AI-powered chatbot that asks patients 70-100% of the doctor’s questions ahead of the doctor’s visit resulting in more qualitative and time-efficient doctor consultations.  

DasLab is the Stripe for medical lab diagnostics: it enables all providers in a digital healthcare ecosystem to seamlessly integrate all kinds of medical tests into their offering via our API-first technology infrastructure. 

DOMOHealth has developed a SaaS clinical platform to improve care efficiency across the care pathway by monitoring patients’ health conditions at home, based on real-world collected data and machine learning 

easee provides an online Eye-exam is a clinically proven and certified medical device – just as reliable as the optician, without the hassle of travelling or appointments. 

Recognised as the leading sleep-tech of the year by the National Sleep Foundation Kokoon are at the forefront of an underserved $523bn Market.  

Meditect are building the first and leading digital health platform focusing on the last mile of the value chain (health professionals, distributors, pharmacists) in Africa. 

Radiobotics develops algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of musculoskeletal x-rays, providing efficient, consistent, and cost-effective analysis and descriptions of msk x-rays.  

Rea is a Swiss startup developing wearable technology for women's healthcare. Their first product is a noninvasive IVD test to assess the risk of preterm birth. 

Tired of Cancer is the developer of the Untire app, a digital therapeutic proven to reduce fatigue and increase quality of life in cancer patients and survivors.  

viO HealthTech empowers women with knowledge about their bodies, to help them manage their complete health journey.  

Tonic App is making clinical practice even more practical and is solving the massive fragmentation of tools & knowledge that physicians and nurses need to use for their day-to-day work.  


Mental Health 

HelloBetter is the emergent category leader in digital therapeutics/prescription digital therapeutics (DTx/PDTx) for mental health disorders and a global pioneer in digital mental health research.  



Alesi Surgical develops and commercializes products that improve advanced surgical procedures' safety, efficiency, and outcomes. 

ARTIRIA Medical developed a micro-actuated device allowing to treat vascular diseases with unprecedented accuracy, effectiveness, and safety. 

GlucoModicum is a completely new non-invasive glucose monitoring solution. 

Gondola Medical is a Swiss-based company that has developed the Gondola® device, a patented medical device to treat walking and balance impairments due to neurological conditions. 

Inorevia's ambition is to miniaturize and democratize modern Biology, to accelerate Research and Medicine, with a focus on complex protocols and steps upstream of analyses. 

Koite Health is a quickly growing health technology company and innovator in light-activated antibacterial solutions for treating and preventing oral diseases.    

Lymphatica Medtech is a medical device development company that has designed and patented a novel implantable system to replace lymphatic vessel draining function. 

Newronika has developed hardware and proprietary algorithms to Sense, Filter, Record, Store, Process Brain Signals and adapt the output in real-time.  

Onera Health is a leader in transforming diagnostics and monitoring. Their breakthrough products and technologies are poised to help millions of people struggling with health ailments and chronic conditions in a variety of medical fields, including sleep, neuro, cardiac and respiratory care.  

Unlike presently available pain stimulators, which are uncomfortable and impair daily life activities, SensArs’s stimulator elicits natural touch and movement sensations. 
Stilla Technologies is a leading global biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic testing by providing researchers and clinicians with a flexible Digital PCR solution for high-resolution genetic analysis and assay development.  

Tada Medical is solving the problem of accidental dislodgment of IV tubes with a solution that will save patients and healthcare personnel from harm, save plastic waste and reduce hospital costs.  

Vital Technics is a start-Up dedicated to being the game changer by developing medical devices and solutions in the anaesthesia, pulmonary, and respiratory fields for patients and doctors. 


Biomarker Discovery 

Scailyte is developing and utilizing an AI-based platform for biomarker discovery from single-cell and clinical data.  

Wearable Device & Algorithm 

Moonbird is a health tech company developing a hardware and software solution to help people relax, sleep better and curb anxiety.  



Health Digital Models 

Kinvent cutting-edge physiotherapy devices deliver real-time biofeedback data that leads to prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and more effective outcomes.     

BIOPIX-T is the designer and manufacturer of the novel portable molecular diagnostic device for the point of care named "Pebble". 

Advantis alleviates the growing workload of radiology departments by providing more accurate, automated, and accessible MRI software applications.