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And the winners from Tech Tour Health 2022 are... 

The 13th edition of the leading healthtech event in Europe is over. 40 companies pitched their innovative solutions in the fields of digital health and Medtech at a live event in Lausanne, Switzerland on 21-22 June 2022. Find out more about the award-winners of this year's edition by reading more below.  



DOMOHealth has developed a SaaS clinical platform to improve care efficiency across the care pathway by monitoring patients’ health conditions at home, based on real-world collected data and machine learning 


viO HealthTech 

viO HealthTech empowers women with knowledge about their bodies to help them manage their complete health journey from conception, PCOS, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Endometriosis, and to  Menopause.   


Tada Medical AB 

Tada Medical’s multidisciplinary team is working on solving the problem of accidental dislodgment of IV tubes with a solution that will save patients and healthcare personnel from harm, save plastic waste and reduce hospital costs.  



inHEART’s cloud-based AI solution leverages medical images and electrocardiograms to deliver a precise model of each patient’s heart, allowing physicians to individualize and optimize each patient’s treatment strategy and ablate with greater efficiency and efficacy. 


ARTIRIA Medical 

Artiria Medical developed a micro-actuated device allowing to treat vascular diseases with unprecedented accuracy, effectiveness and safety. 



Bingli is the smartest medical interviewer on the planet. It is an AI-powered chatbot that asks patients 70-100% of the doctor’s questions ahead of the doctor’s visit resulting in more qualitative and time-efficient doctor consultations.  


Onera Health 

Onera Health’s innovative solutions provide comprehensive physiological and health-related data to physicians in a variety of clinical and non-clinical environments to optimize patient care and reduce healthcare costs.  


Alesi Surgical 

Alesi Surgical develops and commercializes products that improve the safety, efficiency, and outcomes of advanced surgical procedures. 


Amelia Virtual Care 

Ameliva Virtual Care is a virtual reality platform for professionals that they can use in their clinical practice to intervene more effectively on anxiety, phobias, depression, trauma, stress, ADHD, PTSD, OCD and more. 


SensArs Neuroprosthetics 

Unlike presently available pain stimulators, which are uncomfortable and impair daily life activities, SensArs’s stimulator elicits natural touch and movement sensations. Unlike other products, they access nerve fibres and physiologically activate them. 


Stilla Technologies 

Stilla Technologies is a leading global biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic testing by providing researchers and clinicians with a flexible Digital PCR solution for high-resolution genetic analysis and assay development.  


Koite Health Oy 

KOITE® Dual-Light technology is widely adaptable in healthcare! The 1st target segment is dental care followed by animal care, wound care and during surgery disinfection.  


easee B.V 

Their online eye exam is a clinically proven and certified medical device – just as reliable as the optician, without the hassle of travelling or appointments. 



Meditect is building the first and leading digital health platform focusing on the last mile of the value chain. Their current products include a leading traceability solution to fight against counterfeit medicines and a pharmacy software management to help pharmacists better manage their inventories Their vision is to make access to medicines more efficient and reliable. 


Gondola Medical 

Gondola Medical Technologies SA is a Swiss-based company that has developed the Gondola® device, a patented medical device to treat walking and balance impairments due to neurological conditions. 



Apricity is a next-generation fertility clinic that leverages medical excellence with personalized human care and the latest technology to maximize chances of success. 



Radiobotics develops algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of musculoskeletal x-rays which will provide efficient, consistent, and cost-effective analysis and descriptions of msk x-rays.  


Lymphatica Medtech SA 

Lymphatica Medtech SA is a medical device development company, based in Ecublens, Switzerland, that has designed and patented a novel implantable system to replace lymphatic vessel draining function. The system is based on a magnetically controlled micropump and on a catheter system, and it has been conceived to treat lymphatic disorders, in particular chronic lymphedema.  



Newronika has developed hardware and proprietary algorithms to Sense, Filter, Record, Store, Process Brain signals and adapt the output in real-time. The Closed Loop system is the most important innovation in neuromodulation of the last 25 years. 


TiredofCancer BV 

Tired of Cancer is the developer of the Untire app, a digital therapeutic proven to reduce fatigue and increase the quality of life in cancer patients and survivors. Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is the most common side effect of cancer and its treatments.  The Untire app is a life-enhancing, RCT validated digital medicine and the first and only digital medicine that offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool specifically for CRF.