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They truly believe that the future of all live broadcasts, such as sports, entertainment or E-sports will be much more than just a show.


We interviewed Antoine Grimond, Co-founder of Gamifly, as one of the award winners of Tech Tour Sports 2021.

Q: Introduce yourself and tell us more about your current position and company?

A: Hello, my Name is Antoine Grimond from France and I'm the co-founder of Gamifly!

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A: Well, since I just had my first child, he is doing quite a good job at keeping me up every night.

Q: Tell us about your product? What problem is it solving and what makes your solution unique?

A: At Gamifly we decided to enhance the viewer experience around live events. We truly believe that the future of all live broadcasts, such as sports, entertainment or E-sports will be much more than just a show. This is why Gamifly develops innovative solutions to gamify live broadcasts and events. From live quizzes, NFTs, to fantasy leagues.
Our mission is to help rights holders engage and monetize their audience with unique activations both online and In Stadia. All our solutions make sure the fans feel more involved before, during and after the events all the while giving more to partners and brands.



Q: How did you start your journey and where are you now on the road to achieve your ambition?

A: The road started a few years ago when I met Vincent, the other co-founder. As fans of both sports and gamification, we agreed that a lot of tools were missing to make live events truly unique for the fans and take them into the digital age.
Now, with clients in different fields such as football, tennis, E-sports and even concerts we are always finding new and innovative ways of giving more to the fans.

Q: Can you share a story of a client using your product/service and what influence it had to them?

A: One of our most memorable stories was a proof of concept we ran at the venue. Our client wanted to test the effects of gamification at their event, and with as many as 80% of the people at the venue creating an account to participate in the activation, it was an even bigger success than we had expected.

Q: What is your company’s biggest achievement to date?

A: Our biggest success is getting our first huge activation with a Tier 1 football club. Nothing beats one of the biggest clubs on the planet using your technology, to give more to their fans. No matter where the company goes from here, we will always cherish the opportunity we got of working with such high-class clients.

Q: What was the tipping point that made you a do-er and impacted your vision?

A: I feel like in the current times, we have so many resources online, for free, to help us create new and awesome projects. It would be a shame not to take advantage of them. No matter what you try to do, no matter where you are from you can always access a website, a video or an online tutorial that will tell you exactly how to get it done.

Q: How do you see your company making a difference in the future?

A: Our goal is that one day all major live events will be linked to awesome interactive experiences, changing the way fans enjoy, share and live those events. And hopefully most of these solutions will be provided by Gamifly!

Q: How is the current situation impacting your business? What is your company’s immediate response to the situation? What are the alternatives (products, services) you are now thinking on?

A: At first, our product was really focused on In Venue engagement, people in the stadium or in hospitality Lounges. Because of the pandemic, we had to make sure that all our engagement modules would also work for digital events and broadcasts.

This allowed us to get our first activation with a football club, as they loved the fact that our activations could be done at the same time in the stadium, in front of the TV or event on live stream.

Q: How did Tech Tour help you on your journey? What is the most useful part of our programmes for you?

A: Being recognized as one of the most innovative sports startup by the experts at Tech Tour showed the sports tech industry that we were a serious contender and opened quite a few doors that we hope will make Gamifly even bigger.