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Every year Tech Tour meets with more than 2000 innovative companies in Europe which apply for our 20+ programmes in the sectors of digital, health tech and sustainability. From them, around 1000 take part in the said programmes to meet with investors and peers and grow to reach their bold ambition.

From the 1000 Selection committees of active investors in each sector picked the best 250 and Tech Tour challenged them to take part in Future22 – the gathering of tech companies, investors, corporations and professionals and a must for every tech entrepreneur.

The online event took place on 23 - 25 March and 196 companies rose to the challenge. Out of those 165 emerged the top 38 that we are presenting to you now - the best of the best, the top 38 emerging (seed and Series A) companies that should be on your radar. They are divided into 3 sectors - digital, health tech and sustainability.

Below you can meet the winners in sustainability:

At CompPair, they believe in a world without materials waste. Current repair solutions are costly and time consuming; and recycling is still mostly inexistent. CompPair tackles these composite limitations and leads a paradigm change for the industry: HealTech products offer a tougher resin, an improved repair process and an improved recycling process.

Crops Guard is the world's only phsyical treatment for pests in controlled environment agriculture.

Econic creates value from waste CO2, making essential everyday products, better. Econic provides a disruptive, ready-now catalyst technology that enables existing polymer producers to use low-cost captured CO2 as a raw material, replacing traditional, expensive oil-based feedstocks. These polymers have a wide range of applications from polyurethane (1st market), surfactants and lubricants, to films and adhesives.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is a young company with Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) technology for an easy, cost-efficient, and safe transport of hydrogen.

Ionomr is driving the global transition to renewable energy and decarbonization. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Ionomr produces advanced materials that are essential to tomorrow’s energy conversion systems and provide the basis for hydrogen production and fuel cell electric vehicle.

Kraftblock provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and highly scalable, modular thermal energy storage system.

Optimeering Aqua has developed a data driven decision support for aquaculture. They help farmers make better production decisions by combining farming data with advanced AI in the form of mathematical programming and machine learning models.

SmartHelio keeps solar plants healthy using Advanced Asset Performance Management software and IOT sensors.

Specshell offers a unique platform of software and patented hardware enables first true industry 4.0 in industrial brewing and bioethanol, for continuous insight and process control into slurry-based biotech processes.

WATTALPS goal is to innovate to make integration of high performance batteries possible in all type of vehicles. · A modular offer to reduce cost and time-to-market.