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Every year Tech Tour meets with more than 2000 innovative companies in Europe which apply for our 20+ programmes in the sectors of digital, health tech and sustainability. From them, around 1000 take part in the said programmes to meet with investors and peers and grow to reach their bold ambition.

From the 1000 Selection committees of active investors in each sector picked the best 250 and Tech Tour challenged them to take part in Future22 – the gathering of tech companies, investors, corporations and professionals and a must for every tech entrepreneur.

The online event took place on 23 - 25 March and 196 companies rose to the challenge. Out of those 165 emerged the top 38 that we are presenting to you now - the best of the best, the top 38 emerging (seed and Series A) companies that should be on your radar. They are divided into 3 sectors - digital, health tech and sustainability.

Below you can meet the winners in healthtech:

Angiodroid Srl develops the first and unique automated carbon dioxide injector for peripheral angiography, a radiological imaging technique that clear the CIN (contrast-induced nephropathy) risk, the third most common cause of renal failure after an angiographic procedure, worldwide.

Bingli is the smartest medical interview on the planet. They developed an AI-powered chatbot that asks patients 70-100% of the doctor's questions ahead of the visit resulting in more qualitative and time-efficient doctor consultations.

Bloomlife is a women's health company solving the most significant yet underserved global challenges today in maternal health to help doctors earlier predict and manage pregnancy complications.

DasLab provides simple, flexible, and confidential digital workflows for medical tests and vaccinations, designed for patients, doctors, and laboratories.

Healshape is developing 3D- printed biological products for breast reconstruction. 2 million of women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, 40% get mastectomy, but only 20% choose breast reconstruction as they are afraid of current solutions. Healshape has developed a personalised, natural and resorbable bioprothesis called UR-shape that will be implanted into the woman body to immediately provide volume and shape.

The Keleya App helps pregnant women to have a safe and fit pregnancy by providing them with personalized, algorithm-based exercise and nutrition coaching.

Microsure has developed MUSA, a unique microsurgical robotic platform. It enables more surgeons to perform complex and lengthy procedures, and it allows in combination with 3D digital cameras for comfortable ergonomic postures during surgeries.

Odin is an award-winning Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the mission of creating the next generation of AI enabled applications for endoscopy.

Recornea is an early-stage medical device company developing implants for treating corneal diseases

1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain and over half of them are not satisfied with their care. Remedee Labs aims to give these patients a new life by developing the first endorphin stimulator for personal use.

Targeted modulation of the human microbiome offers the potential for revolutionary therapy. Inspired by the powerful influence of microbial modulation, S-Biomedic has made the skin the focus of its microbiome research.

Sidekick is a digital therapeutics innovator. The company operates a digital care platform, providing a 360-degree support to people with chronic illnesses including remote monitoring, treatment adherence and disease specific education driven by gamification, resulting in industry-leading retention rates, and proven to boost health outcomes.

SightIn Health is an AI-SaaS that enable portable ultrasound to be used by non-trained users..

StemSight is developing one-time treatments to blindness using human pluripotent stem cells.