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Every year Tech Tour meets with more than 2000 innovative companies in Europe which apply for our 20+ programmes in the sectors of digital, health tech and sustainability. From them, around 1000 take part in the said programmes to meet with investors and peers and grow to reach their bold ambition.

From the 1000 Selection committees of active investors in each sector picked the best 250 and Tech Tour challenged them to take part in Future22 – the gathering of tech companies, investors, corporations and professionals and a must for every tech entrepreneur.

The online event took place on 23 - 25 March and 196 companies rose to the challenge. Out of those 165 emerged the top 38 that we are presenting to you now - the best of the best, the top 38 emerging (seed and Series A) companies that should be on your radar. They are divided into 3 sectors - digital, health tech and sustainability.

Below you can meet the winners in digital tech:

DTE is focused on the multi-trillion-dollar metals production and manufacturing value chain, which is vital to our society and key to its decarbonization. Their unique, fully automated solution integrates proprietary elemental analyzers with our AI platform, generating predictive process intelligence to improve product quality, increase throughput, cut emissions, and improve profitability.

e-peas S.A is a fabless semiconductor company aiming at developing ultra-low-power high performance integrated circuits such as energy harvesting power management solutions to ease the deployment of easy-to-use and reliable sensor nodes by increasing their battery lifetime and ultimately making them energy-autonomous.

IQM is focused on developing superconducting hardware systems to enable the world’s first scalable quantum computing solution.

LIDROTEC's laser system reduces the number of damaged chips in the wafer dicing process by combining a laser to cut the materials with liquids to cool and rinse the material while it is being cut.

The proprietary technology by LightSpace solves vergence and accommodation conflict which is the present issue among all currently available AR headsets. Accommodation allows to use AR device with no time limitation and no harm to user's eyes.

Morrow is a category defining vision tech company disrupting the global multifocal market with patented Autofocal glasses, sold direct-to-the-consumer.

MOSTLY AI is using generative AI to work with structured business data and to create what we now call "synthetic data".

NativeWaves delivers engaging and immersive media experiences to audiences around the world. Using the latest technology, they provide easy to use, advanced streaming solutions to the broadcast, e-sport, and live entertainment industries.

OPT/NET is making Network Operators Superhuman. OptOSS AI enables Users to monitor their networks proactively, exposing and rectifying issues in the network layer before any service impact. OptOSS assures business continuity, reduces churn & decreases operational costs via automation.

Quantum Dice is working to develop the world's first compact source-device independent quantum random number generator for the cybersecurity market.

Sateliot is the first satellite telecommunications operator that will provide global and continuous connectivity to all the elements that will make up the Internet of Things (IoT) universe, such as the connected car or home, under the 5G protocol.

Sedicii enables confidential data collaborations without the need to share any underlying data through the provision of Privacy Enhancing Technologies, A.I. and a set of identity tools and services that enable the building of trusted data collaborations between organizations and people.

Typewise has built privacy-friendly AI text prediction technology that will boost the average person’s productivity by 2-3X over the coming years.

CYSEC SA is a data security company which brings 360° security in one click for container-based workloads and platforms through its ARCA trusted OS software.