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Over 2300 companies applied for all our programmes. Out of them, 266 pitched their ideas to active investors and experts in deep tech, AI, photonics, blockchain, hardware and software, and space tech. As the year wraps up, we are proud to announce the winners from all digital programmes - all 56 award-winners.  

To make it easier to find what you are looking for we grouped the companies by subsector, and you can see them listed below.  

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And now, without further ado, we present the 2022 Tech Tour award-winners in digital: 

AI & ML 

Blockchain, Crypto 

Digital Trade & Logistics 

Freight Systems 









AI & ML 

Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the audio-visual industry with proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success.  

Convert Group is on a mission to become the global standard on how retailers and brands collaborate through data in omnichannel retail. builds the world's first AI copilot for blind and visually impaired people. is a deep-tech startup that uses high-performance AI models to analyze a wide variety of documents extremely quickly, accurately, and relevant data can be extracted.  

Tvarit is a world-leading deep-tech company, specializing in the development and commercialization of a patented industrial AI solution for foundries and metalworking industries.  


Blockchain, Crypto 

SwissBorg democratises wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric. It holds a Virtual Currency License, which allows them to provide virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallets internationally.  

Lithium is a blockchain end-to-end community management solution. 


Digital Trade & Logistics a>

GlobalSolver platform is a cloud-based B2B platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases. Their proprietary algorithm calculates the optimal solution at the best prices to minimize purchasing costs and complexity. 

Awake. AI-driven Smart Port and Shipping Platform are developed to bring together all maritime actors at sea, ports and land, making port operations more efficient, safe and sustainable.  

Mobilus Labs has reinvented voice communications for the connected worker in industrial sectors such as Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, and Energy. is an AI-powered solution company helping enterprises in transport and logistics to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The core technology is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). 

DeepSea Technologies is a maritime performance company that combines artificial intelligence with deep industry knowledge, optimizing data, vessels, routes, and relationships. The outcomes are savings in cost, CO2, and real operational transparency throughout your organization.  


Innatera Nanosystems is a trailblazing developer of ultra-low power intelligence for sensors.  


Freight Systems a>

Cargofive is a freight commerce platform for container shipping. 

BRIDGE is an Italian digital freight forwarder that simplifies the daily processes of customers and carriers by providing a disruptive digital solution for the creation, management, and analysis of Transport Requests.  

Traxens delivers the world's most exhaustive, precise, and timely information on containers and container transporters. 

CON-LINQ gives freight forwarders a full overview of their options and costs. 

YLOAD is the 1st transport marketplace in Eastern Europe offering fully digitized, transparent, AI-enabled logistic solutions.  



aryballe technologies is spearheading scalable, bio-inspired, low-cost digital olfaction.  

Pharrowtech creates chip and antenna technology for next-generation wireless systems.  

Pulsify Medical develops wearable ultrasound patches for non-invasive, real-time monitoring of critical physiological parameters inside the body, particularly cardiac output.  

Axign is personalizing the sound with a programmable amplifier controller. 

Energysquare is developing the new "Power by Contact" wireless charging technology.  

Innatera Nanosystems is a trailblazing developer of ultra-low power intelligence for sensors.  

SiPearl, designing the European microprocessor. 

Axelera AI is developing a disruptive AI hardware and software platform for accelerating computer vision and natural language processing in edge devices. 

Dryad Networks provides ultra-early detection of wildfires as well as health & growth monitoring of forests using solar-powered gas sensors in a large-scale IoT sensor network.  

Compedica is a medical device technology company dedicated to developing innovative product solutions that harness the healing power of blood flow to help healthcare professionals prevent and treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs).  

Spectricity develops and manufactures spectral sensing solutions using CMOS technologies. These solutions are designed for high-volume production and use in consumer and mobile devices.  



Creal developed, patented, and market a breakthrough display technology that fully satisfies the human perception of the three-dimensional world including correct focal depth.  


FaradaIC miniaturizes gas sensors on microchips to solve the biggest problem faced by their customers. 



Sedicii enables confidential data collaborations without the need to share any underlying data through the provision of Privacy Enhancing Technologies, A.I. and a set of identity tools. 

Crypto Quantique is building the most secure end-to-end IoT security platform.  

Threedy’s end-to-end solution enables complex and scalable visual computing tasks for almost any application scenario, platform, and device. 

Strong Network is an award-winning Swiss cybersecurity company that leverages software containers to solve the IT efficiency and security problems of running a distributed code development team.  

Loqr is a key enabler that helps banks accelerate their digital transformation process by offering faster, easier, and more compliant services and experiences to their customers.  

3DLOOK is the global leader in virtual try-on solutions for e-commerce.  

TiHive #Industrial #Quality Meets #Sustainability #green #wireless tech ensuring no raw materials are wasted while producing high-quality products. 

cplace is next-generation project management platform with a growing partner ecosystem​ 

rooom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions 🚀 Virtual Events | Digital Showrooms | 3D Product Presentation | Immersive Content 

NVision Imaging Technologies has developed a quantum-based platform which polarizes natural metabolites, enabling these safe molecules to be used as an agent for imaging tumor metabolism via standard MRI.  



Sentea creates fibre optic sensors that allow for highly accurate, robust and continuous structural health monitoring, predicting and preventing equipment failure and structural damage to infrastructure.  

German Autolabs empowers mobile workers in logistics with voice assistance, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of service in many transport industries.  

Daphne Technology is an award-winning Climate Deep Tech company focused on solving the Greenhouse Gas challenge in tough-to-decarbonise industries.  

AllRead Machine Learning Technologies is a Barcelona-based deep tech Computer Vision startup in the smart logistics ecosystem.  

Sealution is a B2B hardware-enabled software startup that provides connectivity on board of merchant vessels to enable data collection below deck.  



Wattson Elements develops Falco, an ecosystem of IoT solutions integrating wireless sensors and applications, for harbour and mooring managers.  

WeLinQ provides a complete hardware and software quantum link solution to interconnect efficiently quantum processors and increase their computational power.  

Prognostix AB developed a clinical decision support tool (PATHFx) capable of estimating survival in cancer patients with skeletal metastases.  

PAPIRO have recently upgraded our prototype production line with a new mould for 250 ml bottles and fully automated the process control.  

Clio Muse enables professionals to create self-guided audio/virtual / skip-the-line tours via our online authoring platform following our award-winning storytelling methodology.  

Exit Bee uses pattern recognition, behavioural analysis, and machine learning to identify those in-between moments that users are more receptive to.  

Bryq is a Talent Intelligence Platform created to eliminate the biases, time constraints, and inefficient decisions that result from the traditional workforce management process.  



Transmetrics is a state-of-the-art AI platform developed exclusively for the Supply Chain, Transmetrics optimizes transport planning by leveraging the power of predictive analytics and machine learning.