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Tech Tour is excited to announce the winners from the Tech Tour Digital Health 2022 programme, hosted by the University of Minho and B.ACIS Center for Health Innovation. The Programme included an exciting live event on 1-2 September 2022 in sunny Braga complemented by online Academy Sessions dry-run for entrepreneurs to pitch prior to the event.

At the event, the most promising companies in digital health were selected, based on the ranking of active investors. Without further ado - here they are: 



Moonbird is a health tech company, founded in 2019, developing a hardware and software solution to help people relax, sleep better and curb anxiety. 



HelloBetter is the emergent category leader in digital therapeutics/prescription digital therapeutics (DTx/PDTx) for mental health disorders and a global pioneer in digital mental health research. 


SightIn Health

SightIn Health is AI-SaaS enabling portable ultrasound to be used by non-trained users. 



DOMOHealth has developed a SaaS clinical platform to improve care efficiency by monitoring patients' health at home, based on real-world collected data and machine learning.


Rea Diagnostics SA

Rea is a Swiss startup developing wearable technology for women's healthcare. Their first product is a noninvasive IVD test to assess the risk of preterm birth.


Tonic App

Tonic App makes clinical practice even more practical. It curates, in a single platform, the best professional resources, including ePrescription, video consultation, case discussion tools, medical calculators, clinical decision algorithms, patient support programs and content, healthcare news, jobs, and more.



DasLab is the Stripe for medical lab diagnostics: they enable all providers in a digital healthcare ecosystem to seamlessly integrate different medical tests into their offering via our API-first technology infrastructure.


Congratulations to all winners! We look forward to seeing their brilliant presentations at our flagship Tech Tour Future Health event from 30 November to 1 December!