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Bio-based companies to watch 


MPowerBIO will empower 90 clusters within the bio-based industry across Europe to be better equipped to help SMEs overcome the challenge of finding sufficient investment to get from idea to business. By developing an online platform with digital tools their goal is to get 250 SMEs one step closer to capturing investment. Some of the already engaged companies will take part in the Tech Tour Bioeconomy 2022 event. Below you can see which ones and learn more about them.  


EnginZyme AB 

EnginZyme’s technology platform converts these enzymes into efficient easy-to-use catalysts to develop cost-efficient enzyme processes to produce a range of chemicals and compounds.  



Lignovations has developed a patented process to transform biomass lignin into colloidal lignin particles which can be used as functional ingredients in a variety of high-value applications.  



At BindEthics they are developing innovative Bio-adhesives that can replace the toxic fossil-fuel-derived formaldehyde-based glue used to make engineered wood products such as furniture.  


CSBR (Cashew Shell BioRefinery) 

From the shells of the cashew nut, a liquid bio-phenolic monomer (called cardanol) can be extracted in high purity. It is being used for everyday industrial applications (coatings, adhesives, foams, surfactants etc.).  


Bluana Foods 

Bluana Foods is contributing to the future of global food by creating a plant-based product to reduce ocean fish consumption. This VEGAN SASHIMI (Salmon and Tuna) is made of 100% natural and plant-based ingredients. 


Bloom Biorenewables 

Bloom is a Swiss chemical company with a novel technology for valorizing biomass. This unique approach separates the main components of wood (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) and tackles the valorization of lignin.  



With AgroU, employers in the agricultural industry can find relevant seasonal and permanent staff with greater ease.  



They produce edible oils & vegan proteins in a carbon-neutral way from industrial side streams. The oils are used in cosmetics, food, feed, and chemical industry.  



Its mission is to scale up the production of high-value insect pheromones and supply them to the agribusiness sector where they will be deployed to protect crops, incorporate a smarter use of pesticides, and help mitigate climate change. 


Niskus Biotec 

Niskus Biotec is focused on the provision of innovative products and services to the agrifood & biotech sector in the area of fungal large-scale solid state fermentation.  


Real Leaf Farm 

Real Leaf Farm is an agri-tech company developing a number of sustainable hydroponic farms in Ireland & the UK. 




KnowCarbon specializes in helping businesses and individuals reduce their carbon impact.  


Sophie's BioNutrients 

They have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. I 



They provide biodegradable, and sustainable microbeads & rheology modifiers to replace plastic microbeads and polymers.  



They have developer Xloora Solution a hardware & software solution web-based with AI, Deep learning & data processing for Agrifood & Industry.  Farmers will no longer have to wait for the end of the cycle to know what will be the outcome of the crops. 


Ingredalia SL 

The main goal of Ingredalia is the manufacturing and commercialization of natural ingredients, additives, and functional and/or healthy products for the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, parapharmacy, agriculture, livestock or other industries, based on the use of by-products from the agri-food sector. 


MyGug Ltd 

MyGug Ltd manufactures and supplies micro-scale anaerobic digesters for converting food waste into biogas and liquid bio-fertiliser. Their digesters enable homeowners and businesses to create their own micro-circular economies.  



MEDICA is committed to developing, manufacturing, and commercializing over-the-counter (OTC) medical device products primarily containing cannabidiol (CBD).  


Future By Insects 

They have developed proprietary technology that enables the sequestering of CO2 emissions using microalgae and valorisation of food waste materials using Insects into high-value products including bio-fertilizer and bio-stimulant, bio-plastics and high-protein animal feed and antimicrobial lipids. 


Prolupin GmbH 

Founded as a spin-off from the German Fraunhofer institute in 2010, Prolupin is an innovative company built around its core unique advantage: the production of high-quality ingredients and recipes using proteins from the seeds of the sweet lupine.  



Agristarbio produces organomineral fertilizer in a closed-pressured environment, which by definition means no emissions, with no subproducts and taking full advantage of Lavoisiers's law by recycling all carbon and nutrients in the biosolids. 


FarmInsect GmbH 

FarmInsect is on its mission to build the largest decentralized production system for Insects as regional feed. They empower farmers to produce insects directly on-farm. They create regional circular economies by upcycling regional side streams to high-value protein feed.  



Bio-Sep is a green technology company pioneering the ultrasonic processing of woody biomass to extract high-value, renewable biochemicals with broad sector applications including bio-based materials, sustainable cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. 


Nettle TOC bv 

Composites for technical products have a high melting point, which makes them impossible to use in 3D printing. That’s why Nettle TOC developed a patented technology mixing nettle fibre with polymers.  


traceless materials GmbH 

traceless is a female-founded circular bioeconomy start-up offering a holistically sustainable alternative material to plastic! Their innovative technology allows them to use food production residues to produce materials that are compostable. 


GS Bavaria GmbH 

They are the first supplier of nanosize hard metal powders on an industrial scale with an extremely cost-effective production with minimal energy consumption through their revolutionary bioleaching extraction process 



AgroSustain develops highly effective, biological and natural fungicides and coatings to protect fruits, vegetables and cut flowers in the supply chain. AgroSustain’s first commercial product was applied at the producer’s packing facilities or distribution centres. AgroSustain is also developing biological fungicides to protect crops in the field.  



NANOFABER is an innovative SME focused on innovative microparticles for drug delivery. The MICROSPONGE is the main proprietory asset (patent granted internationally) enabling the universal drug encapsulation and delivery of medical drugs and biomolecules, coupled with safety and high residence time in the intra-articular cavity.  



Relement aims to replace current fossil aromatics with special bio-aromatics. These special bio-aromatics are not only much more durable but above all of better quality: for example, paint becomes harder and more scratch resistant.  


Crocus Labs GmbH 

Crocus Lab’s mission is to empower the world’s transition to sustainable food through increasingly sun-like, efficient light technologies for greenhouses, vertical farms and all other forms of closed environment agriculture.  



Biowerkz has developed a new class of bio-based, resource-efficient, and CO2-negative material called which is developed using only available organic waste including wood waste and agricultural waste and produced using mushroom mycelium as a natural binder without the need for any synthetic binders.  



Arbiom develops innovative and sustainable feed and food solutions, using under-used raw materials such as agricultural or forestry residues. Its first product, SylPro, is a high-quality protein ingredient for feed and food applications. 



Their technology brings solutions to the gaps in the global food supply chain industry by providing a 100% plant-based protective coating technology that can be easily applied to a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.  


Bright Day Graphene AB 

Bright Day Graphene has the ambition to offer a novel, biobased material that can replace rare earth metals and toxic materials in the next generation of electronics and energy storage. 


Biosorbe AB 

Biosorbe is a flexible, adaptable technology that easily turns into bulk, membranes and filters. And can be used in water, air and on land.