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European startups ended 2021 with a healthy €92 billion of capital raised, according to PitchBook data, representing an increase of 116% over 2020. PitchBook analysts are predicting that this year capital invested will reach a stunning €175 billion as round sizes and valuations continue their upward trajectory.

Not only is the amount of money flowing into European tech startups and scale-ups growing rapidly, the region’s total share on a global level is also on the rise.

We have prepared 10 growth investment recommendations to help entrepreneurs make the most of 2022. They are:

Source: 2021 European Venture Report Pitchbook

  1. Be ambitious to raise investment in 2022
  2. Show past funding and current investors
  3. Mobilize existing investors into next rounds
  4. Focus on lead investors first and foremost
  5. Reach out to the lead investors doing the deals in your sector wherever they are
  6. Engage non-traditional investors such as banks, PE firms, hedge and pension funds, sovereign funds, and corporate VCs (CVC)-beyond traditional VC
  7. Consider IPOs for long term growth and develop relations with investment banks
  8. Demonstrate solid metrics, valuations, and disciplined execution
  9. Showcase the impact of your deeptech
  10. Communicate and seek PR internationally

To sum it up, develop relationship with strong lead investors & corporate and government partners. In case you need more information, please contact Blagovesta or Iva from Tech Tour.