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The Tech Tour Nordic 2021 is the 19th consecutive edition featuring the most prominent start-ups across the Nordic and Baltic region in Digital & ICT, Deep Tech & Industrial technologies, Cleantech, Foodtech, Healthtech sector. With its long tradition, the Programme brought together start-ups, investors, corporates, advisors, and key industry players into a community of like-minded people with bold ambitions, who are willing to make a change. The Tech Tour Nordic provided a stepping platform for its participants to meet, talk, learn, exchange ideas, plan future developments and discuss potential investments and collaboration across several online sessions and a live event in Copenhagen, taking place across November and December 2021.

A Selection Panel of experienced investors and industry experts selected 53 out of 104 initially applied companies to pitch on the Tech Tour Nordic 2021. You can see them here. Big kudos to those 53 companies which pitched and impressed our community. And special thanks to our expert reviewers and guests.

After careful consideration and taking into account the expert reviewers’ ratings from both the onsite and online pitching sessions, out of all presenters, 16 companies were selected as Award Winners and will be invited to compete at the Future22 final event to take place online on 23-25 March 2022.

The Award Winners qualifying to present at Future22 are:

6D Tape Inc.
6D Tape Inc. is a health technology company focusing on the development of medical devices and products for physical therapy, lymphatic therapy and active self-care. Their target indications for treatment are pain, scars, swelling and the sequelae of surgeries, trauma, and radiation therapy

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems
ATLANT 3D Nanosystems develops a 3D printer for rapid prototyping of micro-/nanodevices with +450 different materials. They are a winner of prestigious Danish, EU, and Polish grant funding scheme for deep tech startup product development and have partnership with leading academic, industrial and corporate organizations for product development and market access.

Basemark Oy
Basemark is a software company serving the global automotive industry as it transforms to software defined vehicles. They develop full OS and middleware solution that saves automotive OEMs billions and slashes their development time. Basemark's products are in central part in the brains of these smart cars, doing the heavy lifting behind machine vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Boksnok is a digital child-friendly subscription service that combines great stories with interactive illustrations to create valuable screen time for children aged 0-9. With thousands of captivating books with voices, sounds and animations they offer an even more enjoyable reading experience reaching from eternal classics to new favourites, inspiring to a life as a reader.

Catalyco is a producer of unique, extra high surface area ZnO for the vulcanization process in tire and rubber production. Their ZnO is also used to produce absorbents and catalysts for the petrochemical industry.

Dramatify delivers smart, modern SaaS production management workflows to the antiquated production environment in the 500 BUSD a year broadcast, TV, film and video industry. They are looking for new tools due to new distribution channels, changing audiences, budget stress, environmental pressure and a demand for risk reduction. Currently building new sports functionality for the 2022 Beijing Olympics for a Nordic broadcaster.
A fintech founded in November 2019 solves the problem that the majority of retail banking customers in Europe do not continuously optimise their debt/savings. They feel disempowered and disengaged in relation to their FSP where advise is always with a human advisor and as a consequence lose out on significantly higher net income over their lifetime.

Eupry ApS
Supporting organizations in regulatory compliance & cost reduction through automatic ambient monitoring systems.

Geyser Batteries Oy
ECRs by Geyser Batteries is a new class of high-performance energy storage based on proprietary electrochemistry that combines a battery and a supercapacitor in a single cell. ECRs last 10-100x longer than Li-ion batteries even under most extreme loads. They use water-based non-toxic electrolytes which are 100% fire-safe.

GO-Pen ApS
GO-Pen ApS is a Danish start-up founded in 2019 with a core business focused on R&D and commercialization of safe and affordable medical devices that can help the many people for whom modern medical products are unattainable. The company has put effort into the development of a unique and innovative flagship product, the 1st price neutral and climate friendly insulin pen targeting low-income people with diabetes (PwD), which do not have access to modern solutions due to cost restrictions, and low resources healthcare systems in developing countries.

Leapcraft delivers sensing as a service for air & noise pollution - dramatically reducing complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance to environmental regulations. The technology is quite a radical departure from existing offerings - in sensing accuracy, size and power requirements - making it easy to deploy and manage a dense network of these at much lower cost than traditional competition.

Miiskin is the leading and most trusted patient-first digital skin health technology assisting patients with making smart decisions about their own skin health in collaboration with their doctor.

Monidor helps hospitals to improve patient safety and reduce workload of the nurses by ensuring accurate intravenous therapy for every patient with remote infusion monitoring service. The service consists of two parts: small and smart drip counter device, Monidrop and IV Screen web based remote monitoring software.

Praice avoids the biases and pitfalls of self-reporting with a simple tool, that enables a hiring process which is data-driven rather than based on gut-feeling. Praice’s goal is to do predictive recruitment, directly forecasting the applicants’ performance in sales volume or attrition and thereby directly and measurably impact the bottom line of the customer.

ROXIANT is a preclinical stage biotech company developing first-in-class medicines to slow, halt, and reverse neurodegenerative diseases.

TEGnology ApS
TEGnology provides thermal energy harvesting products and solutions, with the aim of optimizing energy efficiency and sustainable power supply for IoT sensors. They focus on using environmentally friendly materials in the products. LCA (life cycle analysis) is one of the driving forces in our development.