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D-Orbit is the world’s first company that addresses the logistical needs of the space market.

While logistics services are taken for granted on Earth, no business can exist without them. Even a factory producing pens needs someone to pick them up at the factory, deliver them to the distributor, and then to the local shop where we can buy them at an affordable price. The same goes for space, where satellites, people and supplies need to be moved from ground to orbit, and from one orbit to another.


Foundation, Mission, and Beliefs of D-Orbit

In order to thrive, the space industry needs to become a sustainable environment characterised by infrastructures that support a space mission from cradle to cradle. D-Orbit’s technology, both current and future, is designed to make that happen. For example, ION Satellite Carrier is a space cargo vehicle that transports satellites in orbit and releases them individually into distinct orbital slots, reducing the time from launch to operations by up to 85% and cutting the launch costs of an entire satellite constellation by up to 40%.

In addition, ION can also accommodate multiple third-party payloads, like innovative technologies developed by start-ups, experiments from research entities, and instruments from traditional space companies requiring a test in orbit.

D-Orbit was funded in 2011. Since its inception, it has continuously brought innovation to the space industry.

“Over the past decade, we have been following a very clear vision, aimed at the creation of the first space logistics infrastructure to enable the next trillion-dollar space economy and human expansion in a sustainable space,” explains Luca Rossettini, CEO at D-Orbit.

A cleaner, easier-to-access space means:

  • Endless possibilities to improve life on Earth.
  • Enabling technologies devoted to monitor our planet and deliver data and precious information about weather, pollution, forestry, agriculture, oceans’ health, coastal erosion, and critical infrastructure monitoring.
  • Better means for disaster-response and global Internet access.

The creation of the space logistics infrastructure will enable this, all of this, and more. Challenges and Motivation to Solve Them

Space is an exclusive club that, for a long time, have kept young and innovative players at bay. Fortunately, the market is changing.

“Our products and services are reliable and built following high-quality standards, and this is another important competitive advantages customers appreciate when working with us” says Patrizia Tammaro, Investors Relations Officer at D-Orbit “We work side by side with customers, taking care of their requests and implementing through our innovative quality approach, derived by the most relevant space standards”

Finding money has been another challenge. While it’s easier today than years ago, it’s still hard for most New Space players to provide investors with a sense of confidence. When the market is new and the solutions untested, the financial market is simply not willing to support everyone.

D-Orbit demonstrated its value with products and services appreciated by customers and a business model that does not depend on an all or nothing scenarios.

How Did Both Parties Meet?

D-orbit met TT Seed, which was later acquired by Indaco Sgr, 10 years ago in Milan. The two fund managers were aerospace engineers and understood D-Orbit’s vision. Luca Morandi, the current portfolio manager, understood the potential of the company and provided the necessary support for the team.

In 2018, Seraphim Capital, a major venture capital fund specialized in New Space companies, decided to invest in D-Orbit.

“We were attracted to Seraphim because they were the only fund dedicated to the space sector,” says Patrizia Tammaro.

Making a Difference in the Future

“How can we enable the entire humankind to successfully exploit the space ecosystem and improve space business and overall human space activities? The Founders decided then to create a business that could answer to this question – with the short-term goal to enable the New Space industry to be successful,” explains Ms. Tammaro.

For D-Orbit, making a difference means demonstrating that a better future is possible. D-Orbit is a certified B-Corp that believes that sustainability is both a moral imperative and a competitive advantage. They are proving this belief while operating in one of the most challenging industries in the world. The implications of this effort can spread well beyond the space industry.

A successful space ecosystem will transform Earth and the way we live in our planet. In the long run, D-Orbit should provide an example of how it is possible to make money and create wealth while creating value for all the stakeholders, not just the investors.

The Future of Space Exploration

The expansion of human society can no longer be considered science fiction. “It is not unreasonable to think that in 500 years, we will have already colonized other planets,” says Patrizia Tammaro. “and we will move from one planet to another just like today we take a plane to go to another country. Today, we’re at the starting blocks that will lead us to that future.”

Benefits from Tech Tour’s Events and Activities

“We like the international breadth of the events and the high-quality participants,” concludes Patrizia Tammaro.