The Tech Tour 2019 Digital Health and Medtech Award 

On 25th June we had the great pleasure to hand our 2019 Healthtech Awards to Tech Tour past alumni and community members, who turned into success stories. The Tech Tour 2019 Digital Health Award went to Anton Kittelberger, mySugr and the Tech Tour 2019 Medtech Award went to Patrick Christ, Medartis.


We’re very grateful to receive the 2019 Digital Health Award and honored to be mentioned alongside so many fantastic previous winners. The mySugr team’s mission is to make diabetes suck less.  And we feel a truly personal commitment to making a real and positive impact in the lives of people with diabetes. We are humbled by this recognition of our work.  It tells us something very meaningful about the experience and the effectiveness of using our products. This motivates us so much, to keep making mySugr even better. Thank you.

Anton Kittelberger, COO of mySugr

It is a great honor to receive this award in recognition of Medartis' successful path. We are fascinated by the art of anatomical reconstruction subsequent to fractures.  This drives us forward. With our solutions we are a leading stimulator for surgical specialization.  This award is a further motivation to strengthen our commitment to consistently pursue our chosen path, enabling optimized treatment and an improved quality of life for patients. Worldwide.

Patrick Christ, Head Corporate Services at Medartis

Past Award Winners include: eDevice, Symetis, Neuravi, Mindmaze, Cequr, Occlutech, EOS, Endosense, Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation, Sophia Genetics, Medopad and invendo medical.

The 2019 Award celebrated excellence in entrepreneurship and successful commercialization of innovative health technology in Europe, making significant global impact in healthcare. The awards are designed to highlight the successful development of  European companies that made significant achievements since their presentation at a prior Tech Tour Healthtech or Medtech Summit or with a most impressive market traction and fundraising activity to date. 

Since its inception in 2008, the Tech Tour Healthtech Summits have profiled some of the most promising European Medtech  and Digital Health companies. To date over 1076 companies have been reviewed by senior professionals on the Selection Committee and 280 companies have been selected to participate in Tech Tour Summits to date. 

Heatlhtech Summit 2019 Award Winners

The Tech Tour 2019 Digital Health Award 



Founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria, mySugr specializes in all-around care for people with diabetes. Its apps and services combine diabetes coaching, therapy management, unlimited test-strips, automated data tracking, and seamless integration with a growing number of medical devices to ease the daily burden of living with diabetes. The mySugr App has over 1.8 million users and a 4.6 star-rating in the App and Play Stores. mySugr Logbook is a registered risk class 1 medical device in the US and EU, mySugr’s Bolus Calculator module (currently available for use in Europe) has risk class IIb approval. As of 2019, the mySugr App is available in 69 countries and 17 languages. mySugr joined the Roche family in 2017. In addition to its headquarters in Vienna, the company has a second office in San Diego, California. In total, mySugr currently employs more than 130 people.


  Anton Kittelberger
COO of mySugr

Anton joined mySugr early in 2013, leaving his strategic consulting career in order to start a business in the diabetes industry. A couple of years later, mySugr is the #1 diabetes management app, serving millions of people with diabetes around the world. Anton and the team closed several rounds of financing, deals with big pharma and medical device companies, ultimately exiting the company to Roche in summer 2017 - one of the biggest digital health acquisitions in Europe to date. Today Anton is the COO of mySugr, leading a team of 120+ employees and serving on the International Roche Diabetes Care leadership team. Furthermore he uses his experience to support startups as Business Angel.

The Tech Tour 2019 Medtech Award

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Medartis is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of medical devices for surgical fixation of bone fractures for upper and lower extremities as well as for the craniomaxillofacial region.


  Patrick Christ
Head Corporate Services at Medartis


Patrick Christ is responsible for Corporate Communication as well as Media and Investor Relations at Medartis. 

Apart from his university degree in physical education, Patrick Christ holds a degree in Educational Psychology and Business Administration from the University of Berne. In addition, he extended his qualifications at the Business School in St. Gallen graduating as Qualified Controller.

Patrick Christ joined Medartis in 2007 as Management Support of the CEO. Furthermore, he held various management positions and was deal captain of the Medartis IPO in march 2018.