First Annual European Roundtable for Prevention in Health


The Prevention in Health (PiH) Roundtable is an invitation-only meeting taking place on Monday 24 June in Lausanne, Switzerland, before the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit (HTS) taking place in Lausanne, 25-26 June 2019.


The Roundtable will raise awareness and showcase current opportunities for investment and development strategies focusing on how the people’s lifestyle is impacting health. It will bring together leading specialized investors, public institution representatives, selected corporate leaders and entrepreneurs on an invitation-only basis around a content-rich, interactive and memorable programme.


Focus of the Roundtable

Lifestyle Medicine: The Convergence of Industry Verticals to Ensure Optimal Health


Lifestyle Medicine is no longer just a term. A movement to organize healthcare professionals passionate about supporting the promotion of health, rather than the treatment of disease alone, is gaining traction in various regions of the globe.[1] The fragmented approach to health and wellness is under continued scrutiny, as the demand to aggregate and analyze the full picture of a person’s wellbeing rises. Shifts in generational purchasing power signal an increase in the desire for prevention of disease onset via personalized understanding of wellness and increased visibility to risk factors that would precede disease onset. This focus on preventing ‘chronic illness’ and protecting individuals suggests the science necessary to drive health prevention outcomes requires expertise beyond the current focus of one industry vertical. Expertise in agriculture, food and nutrition, and healthcare are all required to generate the best possible solutions for personal wellness and disease prevention.


What does all of this mean then for the future of the industry verticals?  Where are all of the diverse parties getting together to work on improving health?

*To read an overview of the case, please click here.


Main objectives of the Roundtable


The First Annual European Roundtable for Prevention in Health will: 


  • Gather international stakeholders across industry verticals with an interest in promoting health and nutrition and reducing chronic disease
  • Share insights from diverse vertical initiatives in the science and promotion of health for populations and environments
  • Identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration drawn from evidence-based insights that can be explored beyond traditional vertical boundaries to support outcomes generation