"Very good investors and presenting companies as well as a fascinating insight into photonic trends. I will definitely come back next year."


Paul Gillespie, Partner - Gillamor Stephens


"A really special thing about the EPVF was the exchange of thoughts with investors on a very personal level. These insights were really helpful to find the best match for Mr Beam Lasers."


Teja Philipp, Award Winner, CEO - Mr Beam Lasers


"I was truly amazed by the magnitude and passion of all these (Integrated) Photonics start-ups. In parallel the same applied to funding parties. There is an evident growth in funding parties who are no longer "afraid” to invest in early stage Deep Tech / hardware, which is not only important for these bright startups but for Europe in general."

Joachim de Sterke, CFO – Photon Delta



"Thank you for the great organisation! We've got some great insights from the discussions and the fireside chat. That was really helpful."


Sergey Sedykh, Business Development Director  Hypermemo Oy