EBVF is an enjoyable event with an effective combination of investors, coaches, and start-ups. The format of the event and the relevance of the audience makes it very easy to create new relevant connections.
Kristian Ebbensgaard, CEO, BioPhere


I was curious to come and network in Viborg. Organization of the event was very smooth and the opportunity to network were great, thanks to the pauses, evening cocktail and various sessions. I was happy to meet new people within the bioeconomy and discover startups and technologies I wasn’t aware of. Kudos to the organizers!
Michael Krel, Principal, Sofinnova Partners


The European Bio Economy Venture Forum is an effective, intimate, event to build meaningful connections between entrepeneurs, investors and the industry.
Rune Theill, Co-Founder and CEO, Rockstart


This conference was a great event, with high quality startups and an intimate setting. Very well organized and a good source of dealflow! One of the better conferences for me this year.
Alexandre Ouimet-Storrs, Managing Director, SOLVAY Ventures


"Attending European Bio Economy Venture Forum 2019 in the city of Viborg, Denmark, was a great experience to meet wonderful people and present our technology. The event was smooth and well organized, thanks to Tech Tour, Agro Business Park and other partners. It was the first official presentation of PanAVisual Technology."
Mehdi Zarrabi, Founder & CEO, PanAVisual Technology


I had a very interesting 2 days at the EBVF event. What interests me most was that the event was very concise. It had just the right number of people and a good mix of investors, corporates and start-ups. That balancing number was amazing. In most events, you just meet a lot of people (and mostly start-ups), half of them you won’t even say a hello to but in Viborg, I can tell that I got the business cards of at least 95% of the attendees at the event by the end of two days :)
Ramkumar Nair, Founder & CEO, Mycorena AB, Sweden


I joined in Viborg for the BioEconomy Venture Forum to meet potential investors and partners. I was positively surprised by the high profiles level of both of them. Form the organization point of view it was a very nice experience: people  support me in the registration process, in the accommodation and in finding the best way to reach the venues. Also the rithm of the days was perfect with the right balance between speech, pitches and break time. It was over my expectations.
Enrico Di Oto, CEO, OACP


A great opportunity to meet potential investors and partners to grow the business.
Brij Sahi, CEO & Co-Founder, SwissDeCode

Tech Tour EBVF was an incredible experience and great exposure for my company. There were high calibre investors from global corporates, venture capital and government institutions alongside exceptionally interesting and impactful businesses and entrepreneurs. The event was well managed and executed smoothly, with a well thought out program. Exceptional networking opportunities, smooth delivery and great organisation. I would recommend seizing any opportunity to attend.
Brian Miller, Managing Director, uFraction8
I participated in Viborg and my company got a nice guide through the registration process, the welcome information material was really nice to me as a visitor to such a conference for the first time. The composition of investors and startups as well as the professional competencies that were present, fully fulfilled my expectations
Casper Svensson, Founder, Citylogistik


Participating in the European Bio Economy Venture forum in Viborg, was a great event. Meeting other entrepreneurs learning from their experience getting access to new network was exciting. Prior to pitching in front of the international investors a very qualified and skilled team of coaches made sure that you had your pitch reworked, reframed and got the message across. This exercise was a steep learning curve and removed some of the mistakes that could cause less possibilities to get the investors attention.  Networking with potential investors and getting relevant contacts for future potential investment in our company was the best part of it all. – I would like to say thank you to all the great coaches who  made a real effort to make the entrepreneurs a success towards the investors. The more investor leads to work with, improves the chance to more success for us to archive our goal of growing our companies and become a new star on the business horizon
Karen Skriver, Managing Director, WildDetect
The Tech Tour European Bio Economy Venture Forum in Viborg was very well organized, more importantly it was the quality of companies within the sector that appealed to us. The importance for us is to get a glimpse of tomorrow’s technology, which will shape the future of this industry, and investors attending this forum have the change to participate at the early investment stage in the respective ventures. We look forward to participating in the event next year.
Kristian Bennetsen, Managing Partner, JBI Equity Limited
European Bio Economy Venture Forum 2018 was a fantastic experience to boost our compelling value propostion "pitch", and to connect with potential investors, partners and/or customers (industrial, financial). We established significant leads for the business development of BioEconomy.
Walter Ramirez, Business Development Director, Biokemik

Attending TechTour events is very attractive for Lycotec for a number of reasons.Firstly, it maximises formally and informally exposure of our company, as a SME, to potential industrial partners and investors. Secondly, it provides opportunity to learn about latest trends and needs of the sector, where company is operating, and not only from the big corporations but also from other fellow companies presenting there. Thirdly, these events are very well planed, and in combination with friendly and helpful atmosphere, they create smooth and efficient networking environment.
Ivan Peatyaev, Director, Lycotec


Great event to connect start-ups and investors in the bio-economy.

Michael Jean Nettersheim, Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital GmbH


Good opportunity to (re)connect with VC peers but more important to meet those startups who do not often go to bigger more popular events…good logistic management and the coaching before main presentations really helped the startups.

Anuj Dhariwal, Director, Novozymes