Selection Process


The Investor Expert Jury will review all the company applications and select the top 40 who will pitch at the European Healthtech Investment Forum 2018 in Helsinki.


The selection will be based on the following criteria: 


  • Management Experience - The company team has skills and experience to grow the business and is able/willing to work with industry & research
  • Product / Technology Merit - Technology or product solutions developed are state-of-the-art and well advanced compared to the competitors          
  • Market Potential - The potential market of customers for the presented product is attractive and the business model is strong  
  • Go to Market/Strategy & Competitive Position - The company has a clear goto market strategy & is well positioned in the market in comparison with its competitors
  • Presentation Quality - The Presentation and/or Video is complete, clear, balanced and convincing
  • Business Model Clarity/Credibility - The revenue streams on customer acquisition model is clear and credible