On 27th June we presented 3 awards to Tech Tour success stories at the SwissTech Convention Center Award Ceremony. The Tech Tour 2017 Digital Health Award and the Tech Tour Medtech Award of the Healthtech Summit as well as the Special Jury Prize. Congratulations to eDevice, Symetis and Neuravi for their achievement!

Past Award Winners include: Mindmaze, Cequr, Occlutech, EOS, Endosense, Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation and Sophia Genetics.

The 2017 Awards celebrated excellence in entrepreneurship and successful commercialization of innovative health technology in Europe making significant global impact in healthcare. The awards are designed to highlight the successful development of a European company that has made significant achievements since their presentation at a prior Tech Tour Healthtech or Medtech Summit or with a most impressive market traction and fundraising activity to date. 

Since its inception in 2008, the Tech Tour Healthtech Summits have profiled some of the most promising European Medtech companies. To date over 500 companies have been reviewed by senior professionals on the Selection Committee and 200 companies have been selected to participate in Tech Tour Summits to date.  

Winner Tech Tour 2017 Digital Health Award 


eDevice started sharing its vision of the Internet of Things at the 2001 French Tech Tour and it was a turning point for the company. After a roller coaster start-up adventure, we are extremely proud to be again in front of the best industry experts to receive the Tech Tour Digital Health Award.

- Marc Berrebi, CEO, eDevice



eDevice is the leading provider of connected care solutions. For fifteen years, market leaders have been relying on eDevice to provide solutions that securely transmit medical data between their patients and their systems, with hundreds of thousands of connected patients to date. eDevice is the only company able to offer all the necessary components for the deployment of global connectivity solutions in a medical-regulated environment: medical hubs, worldwide cellular services, secure and interoperable cloud infrastructure, data and traffic management portals, medical front-end for patients and the care team. Dedicated to quality, eDevice’s solutions are ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified and include FDA listed devices. In 2016 and 2017, the company received an impressive list of awards, including Red Herring’s “Top 100 Best European Companies 2017”, Frost & Sullivan’s “Best Enabling Technology in mHealth 2017”. eDevice was also named “Best Independent Company of the Year” in 2016, by the French magazine L’Expansion. Through partnerships with technology leaders, the company brings innovative and reliable connectivity solutions to medical device manufacturers and currently connects more than 600,000 patients across the globe.

  Marc Berrebi
CEO, eDevice

Marc Berrebi is the co-founder of eDevice, the Bordeaux-based IoT (Internet of Things) pioneer and the preferred technology partner of the Remote Patient Monitoring world leaders. eDevice connects pacemakers, infusion pumps, dialysis machines and vital sign monitors. Before eDevice, Marc co-founded Marvin Software, which was acquired by Thomson Reuters after it became the world leader in financial calculation software, and Com6, which became public in 2000. 
Marc has received the Transformation Award from the University of Wharton, has been featured by TIME Magazine as one of the 25 European Tech leaders who change the way we work, live and play and has been named in the Wired Smart List as one of the 50 people who change the world. As the co-founder of eDevice, Marc has been rewarded the "Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2016” award by Ernst & Young in the Strategic Vision category.  With a different name, Marc is the author of several art books and the producer of award-winning films presented at Tribeca Film Festival, the Festival de Cannes, and the IDFA-Amsterdam.

Winner Tech Tour 2017 Medtech Award 

I am honoured that Tech Tour is appraising, with this Medtech Award, the 12 years journey of Symetis. My thanks to the Symetis team for their collective achievement.

- Jacques Essinger, CEO, Symetis


Symetis is the leading European developer of innovative, minimally invasive heart valve replacement devices. The company’s products, ACURATE neo™and ACURATE TA™ and their delivery systems, are based on proprietary design and delivery technologies, and marketed and sold in key markets in Europe and in other markets, and are well positioned to target the constantly growing TAVI market. Symetis is financed by a syndicate of blue chip venture capital firms. The company’s headquarters are in Ecublens (Lausanne), Switzerland; its manufacturing sites are in Ecublens and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Jacques Essinger
CEO, Symetis

Dr. Jacques Essinger was founder and CEO of Symetis for 12 years from 2005 till the acquisition by Boston Scientific in May 2017. He started his career as R&D director of a U.S. based CTscan image processing company, followed by co-founding and being the chief executive officer of Symbios Orthopedie in Yverdon, holding a general manager position of a U.S. based surgical tool company, and then becoming chief executive officer of Swiss based IsoTis Ortho Biologics, Inc, which he led from 1997 to 2004. During this time, he managed an initial public offering for the company on the Swiss stock exchange,as well as a merger of IsoTis Ortho Biologics, Inc and Gensci Orthobiology, Inc. Jacques Essinger holds a MS degree in Physics and a PhD degree in Biomechanics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (“EPFL”).


Winner Tech Tour 2017 Healthtech Special Jury Prize 



On behalf of the team at Neuravi I am delighted to accept the Special Jury Prize. Their dedication to bring solutions to key therapy unmet needs in stroke has been incredible and it is great to see that dedication acknowledged.

- Eamon Brady, CEO, Neuravi


Fully focused on improving acute stroke treatment, Neuravi develops and globally markets innovative medical devices for neurointerventional therapy that are based upon extensive research into the clot and occlusions that cause stroke. Through its investment in the Neuravi Thromboembolic Initiative (NTI), Neuravi supports collaboration between engineers, clinicians and researchers to deepen the understanding of clot and occlusion dynamics, in order to improve patient outcomes in stroke.
Eamon Brady
CEO, Neuravi

Eamon has over 25 years MedTech experience and is founder and CEO of Neuravi a stroke interventional company that exited to JNJ in April 2017.  Details of the exit to JNJ were not disclosed but the transaction was reported as the largest ever venture backed MedTech exit achieved by an Irish company and the largest venture backed MedTech exit in Europe in 8 years. Prior to Neuravi  Eamon led international teams as both Global Director of R&D and Director of New Ventures at Abbott Vascular. He was a member of the founding team of MedNova Ltd., a company that pioneered embolic protection for carotid stenting, and helped lead the company to a $100M acquisition by Abbott Vascular. Eamon has an engineering background and is a prolific inventor with over 200 US patents, granted or pending. He has a keen interest in all aspects of strategy, building teams and technology, innovation and patient care.