CTS Rotterdam – Investment Readiness Programme

The  Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) in Rotterdam aims to better engage, select and prepare the Rotterdam companies for their contact with investors at the Cleantech Summit Rotterdam. The IRP will take place on 10 October and is a fast track route for Rotterdam and surrounding region based companies to get access to the summit, on 22-23 November, uniting 20+ South Holland and international cleantech companies and 20-30 VC's and corporates. 


Key Benefits for Entrepreneurs:


  • Get your business ready for INVESTORS.
  • Chance to pitch at the Cleantech Summit Rotterdam.
  • Clarify your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Learn to communicate your value to investors.
  • Prepare, present and perfect an 8 minute investor PowerPoint presentation.
  • Visibility through our website, conference binder and social media channels.


The IRP consists of a full day of Investor Readiness preparation run by selected international and local mentors fine-tuning business models and sharpening business propositions of the participating entrepreneurs. The workshop will equip entrepreneurs with necessary tools to obtain funding, grow, and make the most out of the summit. Besides boosting the interaction between mentors and entrepreneurs, the IRP is an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneurs to learn from each other and create a peer group.



  • Invitation-only guests
  • 20 entrepreneur representatives 
  • 6 mentors and 2 moderators
  • 40+ attendees in total