I was impressed by the quality of deals I saw at the Russian Tech Tour and appreciated the excellent organisation of the event.

- Hermann Hauser, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd

I was very impressed with the density, quality and mix of the Russian entrepreneurial community. The tech tour was a great opportunity to network with new- and established-entrepreneurs, engaged local institutions, and active foreign investors.

- Shardul Shah, Associate, Index Ventures

The Russian Tech Tour provided me with the opportunity to meet many outstanding entrepreneurs, investors and others in the Russian entrepreneurial community. I left with a greater interest in investing in this growing market and a greater sense of how to go about doing so.

- Jeremiah Daly, Associate, Accel

The Russian Tech Tour surpassed all of my expectations. The quality of the attendees, presenting companies and itinerary/organization including cultural festivities were just outstanding. Sven and the gang, thank you so much!

- Nenad Marovac, Managing Partners, DN Capital

The organization of the Russian TT09 was very professional. The tour program was interesting from both business and social communication points of view. Hospitality in all regions of trip was at very high level. The projects were discussed on the presentations were mostly looking professional and interesting for investments. The business contacts I set up during the trip were interesting and hopefully they will be useful for our future projects. Thank you to all participants of Russian TT09, especially to it's organizers. I hope to participate in future events like this.

- Igor Tishin, Director, Eagle Dynamics

It was the best Tech Tour I have been on to date, by far exceeding expectations. Great companies, great participants, excellent organisation and lots of fun too!

- Max Bautin, Managing Partner, IQ Capital Partners

The Russian Tech Tour 2009 was a fabulous experience. The organization was of the highest quality you can imagine. The mix of people was impressive, local and international venture capitalist, entrepreneurs from all over Russia and very competent people from the respective administrations. Three days of interesting company presentations, lots of time to network and an super exciting side program. All in all an experience not to be missed.

- Bernhard H. Leibkutsch, Director , Schroder & Co Banque SA

I enjoyed the 2009 Techtour in Russia. Interesting companies, professional VCs and hospitable cities of Kazan and Tomsk made the measure useful and unforgettable. I'd like to thank Techtour team for excellent organization of the tour.

- Maxim Shekhovtsov, Managing Director Venture Capital Funds, Allianz ROSNO Asset Management

There are few formats like techtour - where you can combine meeting a selection of the best entrepeneurs in a country, meet the most active investors in europe , enjoy a comprehensive selection of culture and people from the region - and all this in only 3 times 24 hours.

- Lars Olaf Backman, Telia

I've been working with Russian technology startups since 2002. I was born in Russia, work and live in Silicon Valley, run Global Technology Symposium at Stanford and am generally aware of the trends in emerging technology ecosystems. I've been a friend of Tech Tour for several years and came to expect a high level of organization and a top level of participating professionals. The Russian Tech Tour has surpassed my expectations: it explored new technology regions, put several interesting startups on the map and showed me parts of Russia I have not seen before. European Tech Tour is a great force in a rapidly changing technology environment.

- Alexandra Johnson, Managing Director, DFJ VTB Aurora

I am generally a skeptic when it comes to value of conferences, but Tech Tour is one of the very few events that beyond being entertaining is extremely valuable in spending some productive time with great companies and investor community in the very compressed period of time.

- Igor Taber, Investment Director, Intel

We have been flattered to participate in Russian Tech Tour 09 and whatsmore, it is a great honor for us to be selected as the nominees to introduce our company to the delegates. It was an exciting experience to be a part of this event. It fitted our goals firmly - we got a number of new contacts across VC funds and improved our relations with local IT companies as well. We have a better understanding of the the global IT investments sector - its capacity, expectations and prospects.

- Alexander Lyskovsky & Sergey Zanin, Alawar

TechTour 2009 was planned with talent and executed with professionalism. Besides leaving very strong impressions and a volume of positive emotions, the event was very useful for our company ?A5.ru?. Thank you for this opportunity and for imprinting lifelong memories .

- Andrey Sudarikov, CEO, A5.ru

Let us say

- Elena A. Savina, Director Assistant, Investment & Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Thanks for your choice to make the 3-d stage of RTT in Tomsk and for warm responses about Tomsk and our work. I hope that it will be the start of long, fruitful partnership and team-work.

- Alexey Barishev, Tomsk Government, Russia

Tech Tour gave Russian entrepreneurs the valuable opportunity to present their high potential companies to investors from around the world and to meet one-on-one with these investors to network and build contacts. We hope that in the coming months some of these companies will find the investment capital they seek to take their companies to a higher level of growth.

- Eric Hansen, Vice President, The U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, Russia & USA