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  Dr. Winfried Weigel
Managing Director
Winfried combines 25yrs investment banking experience with meanwhile 7yrs renewable energy and clean technology experience and 15yrs hands-on start-up experience in renewable energy, medtech & ICT. Before starting his own business Winfried spent more than ten years in Investment Banking, in M&A, Capital Markets, Credit and Private Equity; as VP at J.P. Morgan (NY & LON), ED at Warburg Dillon Reed in London, and MD at UBS (ZH & FRA). Winfried received his undergraduate degree in enginering (IT/OR) and earned a MBA (auditing, tax & finance) and a LL.M. (corporate & capital markets law). He also holds a PHD in Capital Markets Theory and teaches at University of St. Gall.



  Clean Tech Capital
Zug, Switzerland

CleanTech Capital provides business development, corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring services in the clean technology and renewable energy sector. CleanTech Capital has offices in Europe, North America & South America.


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