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  Mrs. Amber Michel
I have 13 years experience in the Maritime and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. I am a licensed Navigation Officer (Massachusetts Maritime Academy B/S 2009) and Dynamic Positioning Operator. I was introduced to the Pingle team and became very passionate about the product and mission because of the short and long term safety benefits the product offers to the Maritime and Energy Industry. I joined the team as an investor and later became the CEO in March 2016. I am also an active and award winning Executive Producer in the film industry. My latest film, Abbey Grace, is due to release in November 2016.



  Pingle Inc
Seattle, WA, United States

SaaS credential management platform for the maritime and offshore oil and gas industry.

Pingle is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials and connects industry professionals, training course providers, and companies on one platform. It ensures real-time compliance of professional credentials (licenses & certifications) through software automation and verification. It is our mission to make credential management as efficient as possible in order to leave more time to focus on what matters and provide a bigger picture of the professional sector in the industry with regards to knowledge and safety. Together we can prevent work related accidents and that will reduce the likelihood of future industry-related disasters.

 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment / other technology sector
Geographic: america / europe


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