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  Mr. Bryan Bender
Mr. Bender is a seasoned executive with expertise in maritime operations and human interface design. In addition to a 20-year career in the United States Coast Guard, he is also a licensed Captain. He spent nearly 10-years serving aboard Coast Guard ships throughout the United States and abroad, from breaking ice in the Great Lakes to breaking waves in the South Pacific. He’s been a licensed captain since 1990 and retired from the Coast Guard in 2009.



  PortCall Europe
Rotterdam, Netherlands

One Port, One Schedule is an operating system for a digital port. We provide organic coordination for ships from sea to the quay and back again. Our mission is to synchronize key maritime events by consolidating schedules, simplifying awareness, and communicating rapidly changing plans with mobile notifications. links people with the transparency and notifications of the modern web. Operational transparency will transform coordination between harbormasters, terminals, agents, pilots, and tugs. Operational transparency will reduce fuel consumption by enabling "green steaming" between world ports, limit emissions within ports by minimizing maritime congestion and improve a port's overall competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment. In order to encourage the "network effect" of this transparency, we seek the capital required to roll out to 50 ports in 5 years.

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