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  Mrs. Edmee Kelsey
Edmée Kelsey brings a wealth of solar asset management expertise to her role as founder and CEO of 3megawatt. 3megawatt provides solar asset management software designed to support asset owners with managing their solar portfolio risks and asset managers with reducing their asset management costs. As former CFO of Main Street Power, she closed project financing for over 100 of distributed solar PV projects and was responsible for the asset management of those solar assets. As a former VP at the investment bank JP Morgan and managing director of a clean energy corporate finance advisory firm, she gained a deep understanding of the requirements of project finance providers and sponsors, funds and investors. Her background as a founder and CEO of a venture-backed telecom service provider brings utility billing, asset tracking and O&M service ticketing experience.



  3megawatt GmbH
Munich, Germany

3megawatt is a SaaS company offering the world's leading asset management software platform for the renewable energy industry

3megawatt has developed BluePoint, the largest and fastest growing enterprise-class asset management software platform in the renewable energy industry. BluePoint is designed to automate and control the entire renewable asset management lifecycle. This helps clients to replace manual labor-intensive processes in renewable asset management with an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain application. Companies that use BluePoint have significantly improved efficiency, visibility and control over their renewable asset management activities. With over 15GW of renewable energy assets under management, BluePoint is currently the leading global software solution for asset management for the renewable energy industry. 3megawatt's objective is to be the global #1 life cycle management software solution for renewable energy assets.

Renewable Energy / SaaS / Software / Solar / Wind
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment / alternative/renewable energy / solar energy / wind energy / bio energy / other alternative energy
Geographic: africa / america / asia / europe


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