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  Mr. Edwin Noomen
Co Founder Involtum • After his degree in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Edwin joined Credit Suisse First Boston in London in 1996 where he worked in derivatives structuring until he returned to the Netherlands in 2001 to join Robeco Asset Management as head of structuring and alternatives. In 2007, Edwin left the financial industry and co-founded SEnS, a developer of renewable energy projects. SEnS has developed large scale solar PV, biomass conversion plants and windprojects • In 2015 Involtum was founded by SEnS



  Involtum Holding BV
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Involtum provides access to electricity, water supply and other utilies in public spaces via app, web or phone. With our internet of things platform we know who consumes what, where and when, send an invoice and take care of payment.

At the moment Involtum operates in a blue ocean. Involtum operates an IoT platform with a focus on utilities for switching, metering, monitoring, registering transactions and providing payment solutions. The transaction platform is the key in the business model. • One platform, transaction database, CRM and billing engine; • Hardware and manufacturer independent; • Involtum ‘speaks’ the language of smart meters (DLMS), car chargers (OCPP), and propriatery protocols; • Flexible: many devices, many services, many client groups; • Own labels and whitelabel for third parties. Involtum has developed a few own labels targeting various client groups: - Walstroom for shorepower for inland shipping and river cruise ships; - NomadPower for temperature controlled road transport; - for leisure market in the Netherlands (marina, camper sites); - Evenementenstroom (Eventpower) for electricity in market squares and event locations;

Internet of Things for Energy / Self service for Utilities / Reduction of PM (finedust) NOx (nitrogen oxide) and CO2 (carbondioxide) / 
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment / alternative/renewable energy / other clean technology, environment or energy / energy-efficiency / smart mobility & logistics
Geographic: europe


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