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  Ms. Rhona Togher
Rhona manages all aspects of Restored Hearing from finance to product development. Having studied physics at University College Dublin, Rhona uses her technical training to create innovative products and build a robust IP portfolio around them, bringing both a strategic and a detail orientated approach simultaneously.



  Restored Hearing
Dublin, Ireland

Utilising smart materials to create a tunable acoustic material for industrial markets such as construction, aerospace, automotive, and power generation.

Restored Hearing has created tunable acoustic materials for noise absorption and sound therapy for tinnitus. We were founded in 2009 by Rhona Togher and Eimear O' Carroll. Both founders, while still at school, invented a treatment for people who experience tinnitus – over 300 million people worldwide. This solution was subsequently clinically proven, funded, and brought to market. Following this early success, and as a result of working with people who gained hearing damage working in noisy environments, the Restored Hearing team developed Sound Bounce. Sound Bounce is a patented, highly cost effective, advanced material for absorbing sound and managing acoustic environments. It is up to 8 times more effective than standard sound absorbing materials, as tested by independent third parties. It can be configured to attenuate depending on frequency and amplitude. This is particularly advantageous in the case of low frequencies where Sound Bounce drastically outperforms market standards

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Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: america / asia / europe


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