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  Dr. Markus Forstmeier
VP Business Development
Markus has gained broad experience in the renewable energy and water treatment space for more than 15 years. Building on a strong technology background from R&D he progressed into strategic and operational management positions. Prior to joining Electrochaea, Markus was Head of New Business Development at SGL Group, a leading producer of carbon materials, with a focus on market introduction for energy storage materials including the responsibility for an internal start-up producing full cell components. He served as Director, Corporate Strategy at Siemens AG and as Lead Engineer at General Electric Global Research, both with a focus on renewable energy. Markus holds a MBA degree from Augsburg University & Katz School of Business, Pittsburgh and both a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Process Engineering from Technical University of Berlin.



  Electrochaea GmbH
Planegg, Germany

Electrochaea’s proprietary power-to-gas process converts CO2 and excess electricity into biomethane for injection into the gas grid, thus enabling utility-scale energy storage.

Electrochaea is commercializing a disruptive and scalable technology (Power-To-Gas, P2G) to efficiently convert CO2 into methane, the principal component of natural gas. Using electricity, CO2 and water as process inputs, Electrochaea will produce pipeline-grade renewable natural gas for direct injection into the existing gas infrastructure. By this we offer a solution for grid-scale energy storage. Electrochaea’s vision is to become the world’s leading technology provider in power-to-gas energy storage

Power To Gas / Renewable Energy / Biomethane / SNG / 
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment / alternative/renewable energy / other clean technology, environment or energy / energy-efficiency
Geographic: america / europe


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