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  Dr. David Brown
Dr. Brown has been the founder and CEO of BroadBit Batteries, Canatu, Teicos Pharma, Particle Stream Technologies and StreamWise Finland, a Senior Research Scientist at the Helsinki University of Technology, a Fulbright Fellow and an engineering consultant to companies and research institutes worldwide. He is a leading expert in the modeling, design and scaling of synthesis reactors and deposition and characterization systems. He has a Ph. D in Environmental Engineering and an M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from the University of Cincinnati and a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He is one of the founders of BroadBit Batteries.



  BroadBit Batteries
Helsinki, Finland

Breakthrough sodium based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, power, longevity and environmental friendliness.

Traditional batteries are reaching their limits. BroadBit enables new products and make existing products cheaper, longer lasting and better performing. For consumers, BroadBit provides higher energy and power density and lower cost resulting in time and money saved and better usability and value. For manufacturers, BroadBit provides ways to differentiate products, reduce costs and improve product performance, market share and profit margin. BroadBit sells batteries, battery components and licenses for two battery types: high energy batteries with twice the energy density of traditional lithium ion batteries and high power batteries with five times faster charging time than traditional lithium ion batteries. Uses include electric vehicles including cars, buses, boats and planes, consumer electronic devices including phones and computers and grid storage units for power stabilization.

Batteries / Manufacturing / Licensing / Nanotechnology / Energy
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / energy, clean technology, environment / machinery/electrical equipment / industrial products, materials & nanotech
Geographic: africa / america / asia / europe / oceania


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