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  Mr. Simon Jagers
I began working around technology very early on in my career and got to see its tremendous impact on organizations large and small. Although my skill set is diverse, my expertise resides at the intersection of software development and entrepreneurship. My greatest competencies revolve in the worlds of communication, relationship building and strategic thinking. My mission is to build great products that turn data into actionable information. Semitic Labs is built to do just that: our service provides maintenance teams with the information they need to enable condition based maintenance regimes based on sensor data input, machine learning technology and cloud infrastructure. We're not talking IoT, we're doing IoT.



  Semiotic Labs BV
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Semiotic Labs offers a Smart Condition Monitoring Solution for AC Induction Electric Motors. It offers a warning for upcoming failure up to 12 months in advance, allowing clients to schedule maintenance before downtime occurs.

Semiotic Labs offers a Smart Condition Monitoring solution for AC Induction Motors that predicts when and why they fail – up to 12 months in advance. Across Europe, 150.000.000 motors consume ~45% of the total electric energy powering industries large and small. Unfortunately, 10.000.000 fail each year costing a business up to 3% of net profits in downtime costs and electric energy waste. Semiotic Labs has developed a sensor that collects current data at high frequencies, allowing us to accurately determine the health of these motors. We offer both a Monitoring Service – allowing our clients to schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur – and an Uptime as a Service model, where we take over the responsibility for maintenance. Our solution is cheap, installs in under 30 minutes per engine and delivers value in a matter of days. We’re currently setting up a large-scale proof of concept, deploying 500 sensors across the Netherlands at lighthouse clients.

big data / internet of things / condition based maintenance / condition monitoring / machine learning
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / machinery/electrical equipment
Geographic: europe


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