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  Mr. Michael Murray
Managing Director
I am a highly experienced Managing Director and senior level manager with an impressive track record of developing and successfully implementing sales, operational and business strategies; having worked in corporate & SME environments across the clean-tech, engineering, construction and IT industries. NVPE is a clean technology company that has developed a unique revenue-generating, carbon-neutral, Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion (Lt-AD) technology that treats low-strength wastewater and recovers valuable biogas in the process.Treatment occurs at temperatures as low as 4°C with no heat input required to produce high quality effluent. Lt-AD operates without aeration and produces negligible sludge thus significantly reducing operating costs.Global target markets are the Food & Drink (dairy, brewing, malting, distilling, meat processing) and the municipal waste water sectors. The biogas recovered in the Lt-AD process is 100% available to these end users for electricity & heat.



  NVP Energy
Galway, Ireland

NVP Energy's LT-AD technology treats low strength wastewater at temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius, requiring no heat input to the process, & simultaneously produces a biogas that is 100% reusable by the end user for electricity or heat production.

NVP Energy has developed a unique energy positive Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion (Lt-AD) technology that cleans wastewater whilst recovering valuable high quality biogas that is 100% available for reuse. NVPE’s business proposition has global reach, where our unique Lt-AD technology can turn wastewater treatment from being an operational cost into a new revenue stream for our customers and end-users in the Food & Drink Industries (Dairy, Meat Processing, Brewing, Distilling, and Malting) and also the global Municipal wastewater industry. Food & Drinks customers who pay high trade effluent charges to wastewater utilities, NVPE’s solution on their sites can cut their trade effluent charges by > 50% and separately as Lt-AD is an energy producer creating biogas that is 100% available for reuse by our customers it can generate heat or electricity. For Municipal Wastewater utility companies NVPE’s solution on their sites, can achieve >50% of operational savings vs ASP systems.

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 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: food & beverages / ict / energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: africa / america / asia / europe / oceania


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