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Very thoughtful discussion of the opportunities and challenges in healthcare investing with some of the best European companies and investors in the sector

Andrea Ponti, Managing Director, JP Morgan (UK)

HTS Health Tech Summit 2013

To us from Asia, I see that the Summit served as a window to the medtech innovations in Europe. It is very encouraging to see the close interactions during the conference among venture investors and entrepreneurs. I think this year's theme of Bridging to Asia can help draw attentions to business potentials for European innovations in the belgeoning medtech market over there...

Ching Zhu, Frontline BioVentures, Partner (China)

TT Medtech Summit 2012

There are far more early-stage technology ventures than I expected underway in Southern Europe. I think the Spanish and Italian technology markets are maturing and will in the future be exciting areas for venture investment.

Andrew Patton, GrowthPoint Technology Partners, Vice President (USA)

Southern Europe Tech Tour 2011

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