Tech Tour Growth Awards Lausanne March 17, 2016

Award Winners

Growth Award Winner 2016


Octo Telematics is the global brand leader in telematics services for insurance companies, car makers, car rental companies and fleet managers, with 13 years of flawless execution in the insurance industry. Its integrated technology enables greater car connectivity as well as pioneering a fast-growing range of specialist applications. Octo Telematics partners with more than 150 companies all over the world and serves 4 million worldwide active customers on the road, with an average growth rate of over 150.000 new subscribers per month. The company manages the biggest telematics database in the world, holding 242 billion data points of mobility, with a rate of increase of 320,000 data points per minute, a 108 terabyte database and more than 400,000 road accidents reconstructed through algorithms.

Fabio Sbianchi

Fabio Sbianchi
CEO, Octo Telematics

Fabio Sbianchi leads Octo Telematics globally and is responsible for the company’s business vision and global strategy. He is an experienced leader, entrepreneurial thinker and industry visionary. In 2002, he founded Octo in Italy and invented the auto insurance telematics industry to help insurers assess more accurately the price risk. He transformed Octo into a global leader in software and data analytics for the insurance and auto markets, with over four million connected users worldwide and a vast database of 380 billion km of driving data. In 2011, he led Octo’s move into the UK and US markets. In May 2015, he moved its headquarters to London. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in May 2010 when Montezemolo & Partners SGR gained control of the company through Fondo Charme. He maintained this role following Renova Group’s 2014 acquisition. He was previously General Manager of Octo Telematics Srl and Octo Telematics Italia.

Innovation Award Winner 2016


Movidius provides artificial visual intelligence solutions that is driving a new era of computing. By bringing human-like levels of visual intelligence to machines, Movidius seeks to bring about a future where are devices aren’t defined by their number smarts or memory size, but by their intuitiveness, empathy and autonomy. Through elegant combinations of software algorithms, and a new breed of silicon architecture, Movidius provides strikingly powerful artificial visual intelligence in applications such as virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, and smart security cameras.
Innovation lies at the heart of what Movidius does. From the unique architecture of the Myriad 2 Vision Processing Platform, to the game changing products we have helped develop, it’s the pursuit of new approaches to solving the hard problems of computing and artificial intelligence that has allowed this small company to thrive in the highly competitive semiconductor industry. Being recognized for our innovation by the Tech Tour Growth Forum is both vindicating and energizing. We see a bright future where humanity is aided by smarter, more intuitive technology and we are confident Movidius is going to play a role in this next paradigm shift in computing.

Remi El-Ouazzane

Remi El-Ouazzane
CEO, Movidius

Remi joined Movidius as its CEO in 2013 guiding the company’s product strategy and focus on driving artificial vision intelligence in the next wave of connected devices. Since joining Movidius, Remi has established the company’s presence in Silicon Valley and China, continued to scale its R&D team and successfully positioned the company as the leading provider of advanced embedded machine vision solutions. Major successes under Remi’s leadership have included partnerships with Google and DJI among others, as well as accelerating the revenue growth of the company. Before joining Movidius, Remi spent 15 years at Texas Instruments where he served as Vice President and worldwide general manager of the Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP) Business Unit. In this role, he led development of strategic relationships with Amazon, Google and Microsoft and dramatically increased revenue during his tenure overseeing operations, R&D and global sales and marketing for the OMAP Business Unit. Prior to leading OMAP, Remi held a number of business and engineering roles of increasing responsibility across business units within Texas Instruments. Remi graduated from Harvard Business School’s GMP program. He also holds a master’s degree of science in semiconductor physics engineering from the Grenoble (France) Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) and graduated in economics and finance from the Grenoble (France) Institute of Political Studies (IEP Grenoble). Remi is also an alumni of the Young Leader program from the French American Foundation.

Special Jury Prize 2016


FeedZai is a technological spin-off company from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. The company focuses on developing a product called FeedZai Pulse, which allows processing large volumes of data with low latency producing actionable information in real time. Uses of Pulse include monitoring the Portuguese national electric grid and monitoring home energy consumptions nationwide. FeedZai was incorporated in December 2008 having started operations in July 2009. It currently has 12 employees having offices both in Coimbra, Portugal, and London, UK. Initial funding was secured using the founders' capital and European Funds for entrepreneurship. The founder's team is composed by two faculty from the CMU|Portugal program (Paulo Marques and Pedro Bizarro) and a Technical Officer from the European Space Agency (Nuno Sebastião).

Nuno Sebastiao

Nuno Sebastiao
Chairman & CEO, Feedzai

CEO at FeedZai and brings both technical and managerial experience. Nuno has been a product manager at the European Space Agency where he was responsible for the design and development of the Satellite Simulation Infrastructure. Previously to ESA, Nuno was a founding member and CEO at Evolve Space Solutions, a services company working in the Aerospace domain. Nuno holds an MBA from London Business School.