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Presenting Companies

The following companies were selected to present during the Digital Tech Summit 2014:


Company Contact Person Website
AlertMe Mary Turner www.alertme.com
Anubis Networks Francisco Fonseca www.anubisnetworks.com
Adaptive Mobile Simon Coney www.adaptivemobile.com
Atosho Simon Goldschmidt www.atosho.com
Certivox Brian Spector www.certivox.com
Corenetix Frank Kuelich www.corenetix.com
Crowdcube Kieran Garvey www.crowdcube.com
EVRYTHNG Niall Murphy www.evrythng.com
Five Degrees Martijn Hohmann www.fivedegrees.nl
GoCardless Hiroki Takeuchi www.gocardless.com
import.io Andrew Fogg www.import.io
LoopUp Steve Flavell www.loopup.com
Massive Analytic George Frangou www.massiveanalytic.com
ontoforce Hans Constandt www.ontoforce.com
OP3Nvoice Paul Murphy www.op3nvoice.com
Sedicii Rob Leslie www.sedicii.com
Shopa Peter Janes www.shopa.com
Synerscope Jan-Kees Buenen http://www.synerscope.com
The Currency Cloud Michael Laven www.thecurrencycloud.com
TransferGo Daumantas Dvilinskas www.transfergo.com

The following companies were showcased:

Company Contact Person Website
Geneix Mark www.geneix.com
GeniusMatcher Frida www.geniusmatcher.com
Lobster Maria Iontseva http://www.ilobster.it
MedArkive Jacob Flindt www.medarkive.com
Team-Match Norbert Morawetz http:www.team-match.com
Runnit Joe http:www.runnit.co
Virtually Free Russell Green http://www.virtually-free.com

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